Changes to consider

October 23, 2009 Dear editor:Changes to consider for our country:Credit cards can’t raise rates more than five percent and then only with six months notice.Health insurance should be portable, noncancellable, affordable, sensibly administered, competitively priced (public option?), and without the donut hole; and you get to pay more if you smoke or if you are obese.Restart the C.C.C. program of the ’30s.Cut the sentences for drug use offenses (not drug selling offenses) so we can $ave on jail$.What do you think?Stan Reed

Not a great plan

October 23, 2009 I was reading about that Colorado balloon hoax in the Guard on October 20, 2009, and I found something pretty interesting to me. According to Richard Heene, the father of Falcon, the 6-year-old boy assumed to be on the balloon, believed that the world is going to end in 2012. How does he know? He’s been watching a little too much of the Nostradamus Effect on the History Channel. I hope everyone knows that nobody knows the day nor the hour of the end of the world, only God does.

Nice gesture

October 22, 2009 Batesville is a lovely town to live in especially at this time of year. Having not grown up here I try and take the time to appreciate the views of the hills and the changing color through out the year. The other aspect of living in Batesville that I truly appreciate was demonstrated so willingly by an employee of Wal-mart. A mistake was made at the register by the store and a bag containing some of my items was left at the store. One of those items was something I had specifically gone to the store to purchase. I didn’t discover the mistake until I arrived home.

Judaculla Rock has fantastic story behind it

October 22, 2009 Carvings on Judaculla Rock, deep in the mountains of North Carolina, are mysterious and baffling. The large soapstone boulder, 16 feet long by 11 feet wide, is covered with strange figures and markings that archaeologists believe may be 2,000 to 3,000 years old, according to archaeologists date it even older — to between 5,900 and 3,200 years ago. And another theory is that it dates from only about 1750 A.D., which shows just how little is known about the petroglyphs.

The 1961 Pioneer Web site faces change

October 22, 2009 In March of 1997, I created and launched a Web site to commemorate my 1961 Batesville High School graduating class and to provide information about my classmates.  The ’61 Pioneer Web site ( celebrated its 12th anniversary this past March.   Such “reunion” Web sites are quite common today, but 12 years is a relatively long time in “Internet years,” and there were few such sites in 1997. 

Holiday gathering

October 21, 2009 Thanksgiving is just around the corner.I can already feel the holiday stress creeping up on me with the knowledge that everyone isn’t on the same page and there is always one who puts a kink in it.It’s usually me or the youngest daughter and I’m not sure why we get the honor each year of making things tense, but let me point out that it’s not always limited to the two of us.

More on religion

October 21, 2009 Dear Editor,I want to respond to the letter that Mr. Vernon Gann wrote on 10-16-09. I totally agree with Mr. Gann’s letter. He is telling the truth about how the Muslims have acted to our troops who are over in that country trying to protect Israel. Which if you are a Christian you will know what the Bible says about protecting Israel.There are no Christians in the KKK. If they belong to the KKK then they are not true Christians.

Agree with writer

October 21, 2009 We would like to say that we appreciate Mr. Vernon Gann and his very good intentions of trying to get people to look at the TRUTH of what is going on. We know that Mr. Gann is a VERY TRUE AND SINCERE CHRISTIAN MAN and has enough intellegence to understand and realize all the truth. Some people may not have his kind of intellegence. We RESPECT AND APPRECIATE HIS OPINION.Mike & Reeba Schrair

Surprise for Dad

October 20, 2009 We shocked — not just surprised — my dad Saturday night.Many of you know that for months now, my stepmom Debbie and I have been planning a surprise birthday party in honor of my dad’s upcoming 60th birthday. It took forever just to pinpoint a date because of all the things going on this time of year, well, hunting mainly, but there’s other stuff too. His birthday is Nov. 14, but that’s opening day of gun season and if we’d held it that weekend, there’d only been about three people show up. Hunting is that important to our circle of family and friends.

Oslo’s calling

October 20, 2009 Barack Obama was president a mere 12 days before the Nobel Peace Prize nominations closed and he still won. I know, I know. “He showed early promise.” Talk about handing in an “A” paper at the beginning of the semester. Less than two weeks in office and he earns himself a Peace Prize. This guy is good. Of course, you got to remember, the potential recipient list for a Peace Prize is not what you call your deep field. Never has been. Hence: Kissinger, de Klerk and Arafat.