Cat conspiracy, Part 2

March 31, 2009 A while back I told how I came to be cursed. Well cursed might be a little harsh. Blessed, maybe? As a cat person, that is.My childhood is filled with memories of kittens and cats. That first kitten my mother got me for Christmas I dubbed Tinker Bell, having recently seen the Peter Pan movie. My red-haired sister, always having a strong opinion even at the age of four, preferred Shooting Star, for some obscure reason. So the poor little thing answered to two names.

Pennies saved = dream trip

March 31, 2009 Change is good. I’m talking about the change that jingles in your pocket or coin purse — not an alteration of our lives. Although sometimes that kind of change can be good while other times it’s not, I am saving my change (quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies) for a long-term goal: A second honeymoon on our 20th anniversary to Hawaii.

Lotto pays political dividends

March 30, 2009 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Months before the first tickets are even sold, Arkansas’ lottery is already a political jackpot for many of the people involved.From the governor who voted against the state-run games to his one-time political rival who spearheaded the campaign to get them on the ballot, plenty of people are going to benefit from the newly enacted games and the massive legislation that will set them up.

So long heels, feather fans

March 30, 2009 It’s like going to Paris, France and there being no Eiffel Tower; but at least I got to see it on my second trip to Las Vegas.“Les Folies Bergere,” an act that was months shy from turning 50 hung up the headdresses, sequins and feather fans for good Saturday night on the Las Vegas strip.

Not ‘self-absorbed’

March 27, 2009 Yet another national columnist lambasted today’s college students in a magazine I read this week. It seems they’re “self-absorbed” and thus “resentful” of high standards, expecting at least a B just for showing up in class and thus uninterested in really developing their skills and capacities.

Tall, tall trees

March 26, 2009 One of the most magnificent sights in the world is the breathtaking redwood trees on California’s Redwood Highway.Equally breathtaking is the Pacific Coast Road, which in 1971 my wife, Wanda, and I, along with her family, drove on our quest to reach the next migrant workers’ paradise — The Dalles, Ore. We had been picking Bing cherries near Linden, Calif.

Money facts 101

March 25, 2009 Many of you are criticizing certain corporations for misuse of public funds. But I’d like to call a time-out on all this whining. We’re in a crisis, people, and the last thing we need is for a bunch of tax-paying Americans to start questioning the actions of corporate executives.Did we criticize the single mother who put her son’s diabetes medication on VISA and can’t make the minimum payments on her 30 percent interest Citi card? I think not.

Lovely leading lady

March 24, 2009 It was a sad day last week when we learned actress Natasha Richardson had been a serious skiing accident in Quebec, and an even sadder day when we learned she had succumbed to her injuries.There were so many movies of hers that I enjoyed, but perhaps my favorite was the updated version of “The Parent Trap.”