Future Betty Crocker?

April 13, 2009 I love the Food Network on TV, and I think I’ve gained a cookbook fascination from my mom. I’ve started a little collection of cookbooks and I don’t even have my own kitchen, yet. Still, there’s just something fascinating to me about cooking from scratch, even if I don’t do very much of it. I love to bake. The Thanksgiving dinner I prepared this past year was absolutely scrumptious; and, one evening, while I really didn’t know what I was doing, I made some very yummy pan gravy to go with fried pork chops.

Noted historian dies

April 10, 2009 C. Fred Rydholm influenced many people during his lifetime, including me, and will continue to influence others decades, even centuries, from now.Rydholm died abut 7 p.m. Saturday in his home in Marquette, Mich. He was a noted historian, author, teacher and three-term Marquette mayor.He inspired and influenced the way many people think and relate to history. Born March 11, 1924, Rydholm was a graduate of Albion College and served as a Navy hospital corpsman during World War II.

Downtown focus

April 10, 2009 Downtown property owners have a great opportunity to protect their investments this coming Tuesday, but a couple of naysayers are trying to prevent Batesville from moving forward.The opportunity lies in the ordinance before city council that will authorize Batesville’s Historic District Commission to start operating. When it does so, Batesville will become the 21st city in the state to have such a commission.The role of the commission will be to protect and encourage investment in the downtown commercial district.

Calling government motors

April 9, 2009 Ring. Ring.“Hello, the Department of Government-Backed GM Warranties, may I help you?”“Yes, my new GM car won’t start.”“Hold, please ... Hello, the Department of the Electronic Ignition-Challenged, may I help you?”“I bought a new GM car. It won’t start.”“Does it start and stop or not start at all?”“It won’t start at all.”“Hold, please ... Hello, the Department of New GM Cars that Start then Stop, may I help you?”

Shunned on Facebook

April 8, 2009 It’s official, I’m a loser. My daughter refuses to friend me on Facebook.Yes, I am one of the grown-ups who’s making Facebook uncool. Once the purvey of hip teens, Facebook is now mainstream and middle-aged.Obama is on Facebook, as is Oprah, and they’re both older than I am, so you’d think I’d fit right in.

Eight is enough

April 8, 2009 If I have ciphered right, my next move will be number eight.Moving eight times in eight years is getting to be exhausting and I’m not even running from the law. Even my banker thinks I’ll be moving again before the balloon note comes due. With the exception of the baby grand piano, my load is getting lighter. I’m finding I need less and less stuff and if I see something I want then I have to know where it is going before I purchase it.

The pack rat gene

April 7, 2009 Behold, the pack rat. Genus Neotoma, this rodent, smaller than the average rat,  has a well documented propensity to accumulate “stuff.” It is known to drop whatever it’s carrying to pick up bright, shiny objects, then scurry home to decorate its nest with the new treasure. Stories of it leaving common stones in exchange for jewelry have led to it also being called the trade rat. I doubt that the woman that received a pebble for her diamond ring thought the trade was fair, but the rat surely didn’t care.

What humanity?

April 7, 2009 We really don’t want to know what evils humanity is capable of.Those who have been following John Demjanjuk’s story can probably understand. Demjanjuk, of Cleveland, is accused of being an accessory to 29,000 murders while serving as a Nazi death camp guard. Now 89 years old, Demjanjuk makes the argument that he is in frail health and it would be tantamount to torture to force him to go to Germany to face charges, which Demjanjuk denies.

Celebs using ‘tweets’

April 6, 2009 Actor Ashton Kutcher, who has played in several big-screen comedies and shocked a lot of people when he married older actress Demi Moore, has more than 720,000 followers on the social-networking Web site Twitter. Moore has more than 400,000 and actress Soleil Moon Frye, best known for her 1980s role as “Punky Brewster,” has more than 150,000 followers.Apparently, there are several celebrities who use Twitter, a way to socialize with others on the Internet through posts, or “tweets” in 140 words or less.