Prescription no excuse

April 23, 2010 “Were you high on drugs?” shouted a reporter as Kayla Gerdes, an 18-year-old accused of killing a 69-year-old retired doctor by driving a van into her Long Island house, walked into court.“No,” she sobbed, “It was prescription drugs! It was all an accident! Please stop!”Clear in the accused teen’s verbal defense of herself is that her actions are excusable because she was taking prescription  not street — drugs. Of course, nobody knows if the oxycodone that police say Gerdes was taking was actually prescribed for her or if she was taking it illicitly.

Increase in bird activity elicits questions

April 23, 2010 Birds are noticeably more active in warmer weather. Many species of birds take on breeding plumage in the spring much brighter than their drab fall and winter look, although the timing of the process is variable among species. Goldfinch males will soon become bright yellow. Some people have wondered if feathers change color or if new more brightly colored feathers replace the drab winter ones. The short answer is that the color of a feather is set until the feather is lost.

Writer responds

April 22, 2010 To the Editor: In response to “South gets Shame Game”

South gets shame game

April 21, 2010 Dear editor:The rest of the country continues to shame the South. Last week Gov. McDonnell of Virginia apologized for celebrating his Southern heritage without mentioning slavery. For the past two generations, the South in school texts is synonymous with cruelty and ignorance. Over the years the facts that the South always supported slave citizenship and slaves were freed in the South before the North have been forgotten. The South has never and was never proud of its “peculiar institution,” but that’s not what the war was about.

Respect needed

April 21, 2010 Dear editor:I have lived in Batesville most of my life. All through my life any time my parents or other family members were driving somewhere and they saw a funeral procession, they always pulled to the side of the road, turned the radio off if on, and sat quietly and respectfully until the funeral procession passed us by.When I became of age and began driving, even my friends if I was with them, to this day still, still follow and show the same act of courtesy and respect for a funeral procession.

Girly-girl Pretty in pink

April 20, 2010 Can a girl be too girly? And if so, how girly is too girly? The reason I throw this out there is my 8-year-old niece Abby. From birth she was enveloped in pink blankets and pink onesies. She wore pink headbands until she got hair, and then it was pink bows. Growing up she wore pink outfits and played with pink toys. When she finally got old enough to pick her own toys and clothes they were more often than not pink. Barbies followed baby dolls, and now the pink princess dolls have been replaced by Littlest Pet Shop, Polly Pockets and Zhu Zhus, all of which come in shades of pink.

Recycling everything

April 20, 2010 Recently, I wrote about the Nicholas Effect that happened in 1994 after U.S. citizens, Reg and Maggie Green donated their 7-year-old son Nicholas’ organs to save seven Italian lives and forgave the men who had murdered their child. So many people reported that just seeing the acts of compassion on TV had profoundly impacted their lives. That’s the Nicholas Effect.

Two battle while one stands by

April 19, 2010 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — D.C. Morrison has been a bystander in the political shootout between incumbent Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in the Senate Democratic primary. But that doesn’t mean he’s an insignificant factor in the race.With virtually no name recognition and little money, Morrison’s presence in the race is threatening to prolong the primary fight between Lincoln and Halter. Signs are increasing that he may enjoy a bump in votes on May 18 from voters tired of the bickering between the two primary candidates.

Global warming to blame

April 19, 2010 Anyone else sick and tired of having itchy, watery eyes and runny, stuffy noses?What about the constant sneezing, scratchy throat or headache?My allergies haven’t been this bad since I was in grade school. In fact, I thought I had outgrown them.Until this year.I’m scared to be outside for too long in fear of the pollen that has coated everything. So, in I stay, hoping that the pollen will go away, taking my allergy symptoms with it.

Tis the season for the good, bad and ugly

April 16, 2010 This may be my strangest political season ever.For years voters have been complacent about those who hold office, make laws and decide what they think is in the best interest of the city, county, state and nation. Those same elected officials have had full reign over doing as they please with little or no input.That has all changed and, for the most part, that’s a good thing.