Help wanted response

October 28, 2009 As the e-mail responses to my job posting came rolling in by the dozens, I searched in vain for just one that had a proper cover letter and resume. Instead, I found every manner of poorly written informal response along with the occasional generic cover letter full of nonsense words that in no way applied to the job I was attempting to fill.

Halloween is freedom

October 27, 2009 Halloween trends are telling.Just ask Robert Thompson, a pop-culture expert and the founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.Here’s an interesting trend: Halloween has fast become the second-most-decorated holiday. Jack-o-lanterns and goblins and lighted trees are all over the place now.Halloween spending has risen to nearly $5 billion annually — not bad for a non-gift-giving, non-government-sanctioned holiday.And more adults than ever are dressing up.

Quality time with the family

October 27, 2009 Peter Pan and a dozen Tinkerbells, Rocky Balboa, Michael Jackson, Batgirl and Batman, Cleopatra, Transformers, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie, Hannah Montana, football players and wrestlers, bumblebees, geisha girls, pirates, cowgirls, a Hershey bar and the usual assortment of vampires, grim reapers, devils, witches, mummies, glow-on-the-dark skeletons, etc.They were all out in full force this weekend at the Little Rock Zoo.

State has some cushion

October 26, 2009 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — When Gov. Mike Beebe announced last week that Arkansas had to cut $100 million from its budget, he sounded relieved that the cuts came early in the year.Compared to budgetary gloom in many other states, Arkansas’ early recognition of its financial woes is a silver lining.

Same taste in cars, music

October 26, 2009 Have you ever seen someone at a store or restaurant and thought you might have a lot in common with that person because of what he or she was wearing or doing.As a “people watcher,” I’ve thought this many times and, on occasion, have made friends because of this instinct.Currently, I think I might have a lot in common with the owner of a certain car. Last week was the second time I saw the black Dodge Stratus. The first occasion was about six months ago during a Main Street second Friday.Last week I parked next to it at El Acapulco.

‘Feelers not thinkers’

October 26, 2009 With much fanfare and ceremony, in May 2009, scientists and the media were celebrating the discovery of  what they described as the “Holy Grail of Human Evolution.” The so-called 47 million-year -old primate Darwinius masillae represented the long sought after missing link between humans and apes. During a ceremony at the American Museum of Natural History lead scientist Jorn Horum said “This specimen is like finding the Lost Ark for archeologists... it will appear in all textbooks for the next 100 years.”

Bill would give pet deductions

October 23, 2009 The news hit me like a rolled-up newspaper to the side of the head.According to The Washington Times, Robert Davi, a tough-guy Hollywood actor, and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Mich., an alleged conservative, did something tough guys and conservatives don’t often do.They collaborated to get a bill onto the floor of the U.S. House seeking a $3,500 annual tax deduction for pet expenses.I love animals. I still mist up when I think of the time my dog Jingles ran off in the ’70s. But Americans have lost their bearings where their pets are concerned.

For better or worse

October 23, 2009 It’s official: Of the 12 people who were in our wedding, only three are still with spouse No. 1. Actually, I guess it’s five, if you count me and my husband. Was it the pink taffeta dresses, the cheap champagne or one too many rounds of “YMCA?”Alas, it was none of these things. The reason so many of our friends are divorcing is because they got married, and, as we all know, it’s a 50-50 game at best.

Changes to consider

October 23, 2009 Dear editor:Changes to consider for our country:Credit cards can’t raise rates more than five percent and then only with six months notice.Health insurance should be portable, noncancellable, affordable, sensibly administered, competitively priced (public option?), and without the donut hole; and you get to pay more if you smoke or if you are obese.Restart the C.C.C. program of the ’30s.Cut the sentences for drug use offenses (not drug selling offenses) so we can $ave on jail$.What do you think?Stan Reed