Something fishy with White River

September 4, 2009  The pictures my niece emailed of Lock & Dam 1 early this week at first seemed like some kind of Photoshop trickery, perpetrated perhaps by Clayton Cavaness — sitting before his computer screen in a dark office, stroking his chin, laughing under his breath. The dam was certainly recognizable in the photos, and there was the lock in the background, the big rocks below that middle spillway. I could even see Josie’s back there in one of them, so I know it was the right place. All that was missing was a little thing I like to call the White River.

Pushing buttons

September 3, 2009 “She’s just trying to push your buttons.”  “He’s such a manipulator.”  We often accuse people of being manipulative, but do you know how hard it actually is to manipulate others? It may seem like when, say for example, your mother (or your mother-in-law) repeats the same subtle jabs over and over that she’s doing it with the sole intent of making you nuts.  Caustic comments can feel like they are aimed directly at your heart.

Giant of Rock EVENT

September 3, 2009 The benefit concert at the Silver Moon in Newport for the family of the late Billy Lee Riley was not just a concert, it was an EVENT. The Moon was packed, with lots of people standing, blocking the view of the stage for those who carried their own chairs inside to sit at the back. The Moon seated 400 for the 5 1/2-hour long benefit, which meant there was no room for dancing until after about 3:30 p.m. when the crowd began to thin just a little, opening a couple of small dancing spots.


September 2, 2009 At odds over grantThe Melbourne Beautification Committee met at 5:30 on Thursday August 27 and during their meeting, with  Mayor Mike Cone present, discussed various projects, which included the Highway 69 bridge area as well as the Paul-Anice Park.  Much discussion centered on the use of the $40,000 grant money, which the Mayor had told them would be available for their use when the committee was founded several months ago.

Local boys, big leagues

September 2, 2009 Arkansas has a rich baseball history. About 140 players born in our Natural State have played in the major leagues, including Hall-of-Famers Lou Brock, Dizzy Dean, Travis Jackson, George Kell, Brooks Robinson and Arky Vaughn. At least three major leaguers hail from this neck of the woods.Mays Copeland was born in Mountain View in 1913. Four days before his 23rd birthday he took the mound in relief for the St. Louis Cardinals. In 2/3 of an inning, he surrendered 2 hits and a run. Unfortunately, his first appearance in the majors was also his last. He died in 1982 in California.

Better BS needed in spinning yarns

September 1, 2009 It’s not that Americans mind being BS-ed. It’s that we get agitated if sufficient effort is not put into the spinning of the yarn.BS-ing has a long history in America. In our earlier years, the tall tale became an American art form. The colorful characters who tamed the frontier loved to sit around campfires swapping wildly exaggerated stories about America and American heroes.

Need for scrapbook store

September 1, 2009 Scrapbookers, did any of you catch the yard sale in west Batesville over the weekend? Judging by the turn-out, I’d say there is a definite need for our town of nearly 10,000 to have its own store.

End of Camelot

August 31, 2009 I wasn’t a child or an adult in the 1960s, but I grew up knowing about the Kennedys thanks to some old LIFE magazines I bought in the ’90s.Reading through articles about John F. Kennedy’s death in Dallas, looking at photographs of his funeral, reading about his and Jackie’s life together, intrigued me. They were like Britain’s royal family only they lived in the United States and called Hyannis Port off the coast of Massachusetts, home.

Johnson candidacy a threat

August 31, 2009 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Bob Johnson’s flirtation with a bid for the United States Senate is a chancy move for a lawmaker who contends he’s not well known beyond his legislative district.It’s also another threat that U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln doesn’t need as she seeks a third term in office.The Arkansas Senate president’s announcement that he’s considering challenging Lincoln in next year’s Democratic primary is the latest surprise move from a state legislator who has made unpredictability one of his hallmarks.