Obama’s wild ride

March 12, 2010 Mr. Obama’s term in office is like Disney’s Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. His reckless policies and actions cause destruction to whatever he touches. He needs to be stopped.Obama and his special-interest allies, especially his lap-dog media, are doing everything they can to keep government growing and eroding our rights. If ordinary people like us don’t stand up and continue the rebellion, Washington will soon forget the discontent in the hinterlands.

The right to cuss

March 11, 2010 “What in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks did California lawmakers think they were doing?”“Ah, yes, you speak of a resolution the California State Assembly passed recently to make the first week of March ‘Cuss-Free Week.’ It embraced the idea from a teenager who had formed a No Cussing Club in 2007 at his school.”“But considering what California’s overzealous politicians have done to their state — spending, high taxes, high unemployment — cursing is one of the few occupations Californians have left!”

Arkansas destinations

March 9, 2010 Gary and I recently spent a weekend in Eureka Springs, taking a little break from our lives here in Batesville. We found a cute little B&B that was offering a romantic getaway package and enjoyed two days of peace and quiet. We slept in, took long leisurely walks, took in the sights, window shopped and did things on our own schedule. It was a nice change of pace.

Staff increases for children

March 8, 2010 LITTLE ROCK —  State government is tightening its belt in almost every area, and during the current fiscal year has had to reduce its budget by $206 million.However, during the fiscal session that formally concluded last week the legislature was able to maintain staffing increases in a vital program — the protection of abused and neglected children.

Fan featured in calendar

March 8, 2010 The term “pin-up girl” has been around since World War II when soldiers would “pin up” photos of the models featured in their armed forces newspapers and those featured in magazines of the day.Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page could be considered some of the first; however many “pin ups” never became anything more than just a pretty face.

Playing parlimentary games

March 5, 2010 Well, the not-so-surprising news of the week out of Washington is that President Obama is now calling on Congress to schedule a straight vote on the Democrats’ health care reform measure.  The new twist is that Democrats now recognize that their flawed plan, which has been met with stiff resistance from congressional Republicans and the American people, can only be passed on a pure party-line vote. So after a one-day, photo-op summit, President Obama has decided the time for negotiation has passed.

O Canada, Eh?

March 5, 2010 Dear Canada. Way to go, you hosers. Did yourself proud and put on one heck of an Olympics. Congratulations for providing an incredible 17 days of thrills and spills on the ice and snow and in the slush and fog. That was a winter games for the ages, except for that excruciatingly obvious lack of winter thing. As it turns out, Washington, D.C. might have been a better host city, but who knew? Although, a quick call to Al Gore might have been worth the international toll-call charges.