Passover the forgotten eggs

April 6, 2010 The Easter Bunny is getting a little sneaky in his old age, or forgetful, one of the two.Of course, this happens to us all, but this past weekend the Big B forgot how many eggs he hid at my folks’ house. Fortunately it was found before it could start to stink up the joint, and that made me think about how many eggs we’ve “lost” over the years, only to be  ed to them days later by their odor. My brother-in-law said when he was a kid and they found an egg in the couch or something a week later, they’d just eat it. And guess what? He and his siblings all lived!

Letters to the editor

April 5, 2010 Budget concernsDear editor:Front page Guard Wednesday shows Batesville is not growing. Why?Just open up your water bill. Makes a person not want to bathe or wash their clothes. Highest water I have ever seen. Other towns are not as high, and yes, they have sewer and trash included.Someone in that department does not know how to budget.Betty Jo DuncanBatesville More charity needed

Cheap steals

April 5, 2010 I love a bargain and clothes are no exception.Very rarely will I buy clothes at department stores unless I know I can wear the item in a multitude of ways.I may see a blouse, skirt or dress I love, but if I’m going to spend a considerable amount of money on something, I better be able to wear it more than once and it better match what shoes I own. In other words, I better get a lot of “bang for my buck.”

Women officials

April 2, 2010 LITTLE ROCK — More women now serve in the Arkansas legislature than ever before. There are 31 women legislators — six in the Senate and 25 in the House.Since the first two women were elected to the legislature in 1922, a total of 98 women have served in the state legislature.

Speech battlegrounds

April 2, 2010 High school prom season is upon us — generally a pleasant mix of music and memories for teens, with maybe a bit of angst over getting the right date or dress.But through the years this annual rite at times has also been an unlikely battleground over social issues, as in Mississippi recently, and over some of what the nation’s Founders called our inalienable rights — freedom of assembly and free speech.

Other perspectives needed

April 1, 2010 “At a certain point it gets to be about me, right?”He was a seasoned professional who’d been in business for years, and when he asked me this question near the end of a workshop I was giving, I knew that he was struggling.

Happy Easter

April 1, 2010 There are two major holidays in the Christian faith. In no particular order, the first is Christmas and the second is Easter. If they were to be ranked according to the amount of media attention or holiday decorating Christmas would be the winner in a runaway.The amount of glitz attached to Christmas often confuses both the celebrants of Christmas and those just observing a holiday so big the stores start pushing it somewhere in early November. It’s the only religious day that can have an effective economic impact in several major countries, including the US.

Two kinds of freedom

March 31, 2010 The holiest week for all of Christendom is here. We celebrate the Passion of Christ, the suffering servant, but also King of kings and Lord of lords.Were he still among us, one warrior-servant whose deeply abiding faith and military prowess helped shape him into a legend — a latter-day knight — would be solemnly worshiping. He also likely would be recalling another Easter Sunday 38 years ago at almost precisely this time of year, in a quaint but war-ravaged South Vietnamese village called Dong Ha.

Something better than nothing

March 31, 2010 If you get diagnosed with a disease, break your leg or find yourself facing some other medical calamity while not having health insurance, you’re not likely to be too concerned with the intricate political debates that have paralyzed health care legislation for years. That’s why the millions of working Americans who can’t afford health insurance should be overjoyed at the massive health care reform bill that President Barack Obama pushed through Congress.

Tan tax

March 30, 2010 My family and I are taking the new tax personally.One of the many items tucked into the government overhaul of America’s health care system is a 10 percent sales tax on tanning salons.According to The Wall Street Journal, the tan tax was added so that the Botox tax could be removed.As it went, our politicians, looking for ways to make it appear their massive bill would be “paid for,” had to come up with all kinds of gimmicks — such as a 5 percent sales tax on Botox.