Picturing a 75-year-old Elvis

January 4, 2010 It’s hard to picture a 75-year-old Elvis Presley, yet, had he lived this is exactly what he’d be come Friday. I wonder if he’d have gray hair like his father, Vernon, or if he’d continue to dye it? Would he let nature do its thing and age gracefully, or be a fan of plastic surgery like ex-wife Priscilla?He’d surely be a wonderful, not to mention doting, grandfather to Lisa Marie’s four children Riley Keough, 20, Ben Keough, 17, and 14-month old twin sisters Finley and Harper Lockwood.

2009 record-breaking snow job

January 1, 2010 The last Saturday before Christmas I attended a little Tea Party in Starkville. About 500 people came, one from as far away as New York! Actually, the young man from New York was walking across America to protest out-of-control spending in Washington and happened to be in Mississippi.Others came from our state capital as well as surrounding towns and communities. All in all, I was surprised at the whopping turnout on the coldest day of the Christmas shopping season in our little town.

Unhappy New Year

December 31, 2009 Good riddance to the aughts, naughts or ohs. By whatever name, the first decade of the 21st century has been devastating for religious liberty in much of the world.The statistics are numbing. According to a study released this month by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, nearly 70 percent of the world’s 6.8 billion people now live in countries with high restrictions on religious beliefs and practices.

The Knight of Westford

December 31, 2009 The Knight of Westford is a 6-foot-tall carving pecked into a standing rock near Westford, Mass. It is clearly a depiction of a Scottish knight in full armor, wearing helmet, mail and surcoat, holding a broken sword and bearing the crest of the 14th century Sinclairs, rulers of the Orkney Islands — it was identified as such by the curator of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Cambridge University in England about 50 years ago.

Breakfast at the Kingpin Compound

December 30, 2009 Ok, so, as far as Christmas Miracles go, this story doesn’t rank up there with “Miracle on 34th Street” or Ralphie’s Red Rider Air Rifle, but it’s the only one I have, so, please bear with me.

Anything, everything found online

December 29, 2009 I guess there really are blogs devoted to anything and everything online. I mean, sure, the more serious topics have been around a while. From financial freedom to symptoms of countless diseases and disorders, we can research probably anything our hearts desire, all with a few key strokes and maybe a mouse click or two.