Here’s hoping I’m wrong

April 15, 2010 “How can you, a Christian, be opposed to poor people getting health care?” a reader and new friend asked me over lunch last week. We discussed issues related to the health care debate and role and function of government in general ... for nearly three hours.

Enough with the chirping

April 15, 2010 I hate birds when they chirp. It’s the government’s fault.I am sitting by an open door, with a nice spring breeze, the sun shining, the birds chirping. But I cannot enjoy this beautiful day.I am surrounded by a sea of receipts, you see — receipts of every kind. I keep every receipt for every transaction that I make all year long because my government says I must.

2010 The Year of Conservatives Roaring 20s

April 14, 2010 During the long cold winter of January 2009, Republicans were dreading the impending thaw of an Obama Administration. It was just after the massive “compassionate conservative” bank bailouts, the economy was hemorrhaging millions of jobs and yet a CBS/New York Times poll reported President George W. Bush still had a 22 percent approval rating.

The currency bubble

April 14, 2010 One of the bigger obstacles to the U.S. economy gaining substantial numbers of jobs is the battle over valuation of currency among different nations. The amount a currency is valued at is largely tied to the strength of their economy but it’s possible for individual countries to manipulate the pricing in either direction so that they can gain an advantage on the international markets when exporting their own goods and services.


April 13, 2010 TV show reveals more about boss than employees

Birthday bash a success

April 13, 2010 I feel like I am back in the land of the living after a mega-birthday-blowout for my niece Abby last weekend. Her parents were going to be gone for her birthday, so Gary and I and the grandparents felt like we should go the extra mile (like we wouldn’t anyway) and make the day extra special for the birthday girl. Needless to say, it was the All-Abby-All-the-Time Channel at our house.

I’ve learned…

April 12, 2010 I”ve learned ....It’s true, you learn something new every day.So, when I received this message from a Facebook friend, I thought it would be worth sharing. “I’ve learned” is a “pearls of wisdom” list compiled and attributed to Andy Rooney, correspondent of CBS’ “60 Minutes.” Meanwhile, urban legend Web site,, claims Rooney did not author the piece.No matter who it belongs to, however, I found it to be insightful and worth a read and I hope you do, too.

Adoption process challenged in court

April 12, 2010 LITTLE ROCK — State law that restricts who can become a foster parent or an adoptive parent is being challenged in a lawsuit filed in Pulaski County.The law prohibits unmarried couples from adopting children or from becoming foster parents. It became law after Arkansas voters approved Initiated Act 1 in 2008.

Trust in the GOP

April 9, 2010 When Republicans warn that a policy is a job-killer — Americans should listen. If any group of lawmakers and thinkers know about killing jobs it’s the Grand Old Party. In 2008, the final year of the Bush Administration, after two terms of careless deregulation implemented with bastardized pseudo-free market battle cries, the economy lost 2.6 million jobs. An annual job loss not equaled since 1945. When it comes to job extermination the GOP’s display case has a full assortment of trophies. So, of course Republicans are now the best authority on how not to kill jobs.