A box full of memories

January 19, 2010 This past weekend, while Gary was taking down the last of the Christmas lights, I decided to tackle some kind of constructive project, as well. I cleaned up the scrapbook room, then I made myself clean out a box of sentimental “stuff.” Some of the items I’ve literally not seen in years and had wondered on occasion where they’d gotten to. There were also some items I had no idea I’d saved and knew immediately they could be trashed or recycled. And there were some things I know I need to send to a friend but haven’t made myself do that yet, so her “pile” is growing.

Lack of respect embarrassing

January 18, 2010 I witnessed something last week that made me feel sorry for parents across the world. In no way should any parent, let alone any non-parent, have to put up with not just a disrespectful child, but a disrespectful teenager who should know better.I admit as a teenager there were times I needed an attitude adjustment and I don’t blame my mother for feeling like ringing my neck, but that’s one good thing about getting older.

Letter to the editor

January 15, 2010 Dear Editor:During my bout with a stomach virus, a virus that affected my youngest child a week ago, a virus that has made me most appreciative of indoor plumbing, my middle child, Philip, a senior at Ouachita Baptist University, informed me that he had been asked to serve on a discussion panel at school on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

‘Ruddell Riddle’ scheduled

January 14, 2010 An event taking place in Tacoma, Wash. on Jan. 30 should be of interest to people in this area, especially descendants of the Ruddells for whom Ruddell Hill west of Batesville and Ruddell Mill were named.The “Ruddell Riddle” at the Washington State Archives building is a free event provided by the archives and state library staff to use exhibits and workshops to explore the history of the Ruddells, one of Thurston County’s (Washington) most influential pioneer families. The location is 1129 Washington St. SE, one block east of Capitol Way South.

Life we live, leave behind

January 13, 2010 Maybe the most important thing is not that he was a good son, husband, father or friend. It may not be that he was well-liked at his job or considered to be a devout member of his church or that he was an avid athlete being named twice as an Academic All-American and also a member of Lyon’s Hall of Fame. It may not be that he actually defied death more than once and lived to tell his story.It may be that the thing that most defines Kevin Johnson is how many lives he has touched and what an inspiration that he and his family have been to others.

How to make a million

January 12, 2010 Want to make a million bucks on the next great thing since the Snuggie? I think my husband has hit upon the idea, but since neither he nor I will ever get around to creating it, I’m going to share the idea with hopes someone will take the ball and run with it. Then in a few years, we’ll be able to buy it!

Just call me ‘Team Leno’

January 11, 2010 I may be in the minority, but I hope NBC gives Jay Leno his spot back on late night. Conan O’Brien who hosted “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” for more than two years took over the “The Tonight Show” June 1, while Leno went to prime time at 9 p.m. with “The Jay Leno Show.” Ratings show that O’Brien is trailing behind CBS’ David Letterman and Leno isn’t faring too well with prime-time NBC.

Looking at budget cuts

January 11, 2010 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Lawmakers knew they would face a tight budget when they return to the Capitol for their first fiscal session next month. Now they know it could be downright ugly.The state fiscal officer’s declaration that Arkansas — facing a nearly $55 million shortfall — will likely face budget cuts this year was a reminder of the state’s economic picture as lawmakers prepare for the first-ever fiscal session.

Predictions for New Year

January 8, 2010 All right, it was a hecka-long holiday season. I’m tired and you’re tired. And neither of us has the energy to go through the whole post-modern deconstructionist explanation as to why you’re reading a predictions column here.Yes, I’m doing a predictions column. What’s the matter with you people? It’s the beginning of a new year. That’s what journalists do: prediction columns.