Get out and vote

July 27, 2010 Stop the Sports Complex ParadeIt is time that city officials end their parade of activities for a sports complex. It is going down in defeat. They need to move on to projects that are going to more directly benefit the future of Batesville like the North Little Rock natural-gas fueling station being proposed by Mayor Patrick Hays.

Support the complex

July 27, 2010 Dear editor:Please join me in supporting the proposed recreational complex. This new complex could move our community forward in so many ways. Economic growth, healthier lifestyles, and family activities could make such a positive impact on our community.

Keeping up with ‘Joneses’

July 26, 2010 I want to preface this letter by noting that I will not have the opportunity to vote in this election. I have called Batesville home for 33 years and I am very proud of the improvements that are being made to our fine city. That being said I want to bring some thoughts into this process for “Moving Batesville Forward.”

Response to writer

July 26, 2010 Dear editor:I want to correct something said in a recent Letter to the Editor (Thursday, July 22) by a concerned taxpayer. Most of the letter was complaining about the proposed tax increase for the new recreation complex and illegal aliens and her suggestions regarding both. The part I take exception to is her implication that the Humane Society is somehow funded by tax revenues. Then she makes some derogatory remarks about our operation — which got my dander up!

Not the time

July 26, 2010 Dear editor:With our economy in shambles, now is not the time to increase the sales tax. Sales taxes are considered to be regressive, as it turns out that the lower your income is, the greater proportion of your income you will wind up paying sales tax. This is because the taxes are not determined on income, and even the poor must consume a certain amount of goods and services.

Summer fun

July 26, 2010 You can tell your waitress at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co. and Market that it’s not your birthday no matter how many times you want. She won’t believe you because your friend told her it was and your waitress thinks you’re being modest.You’ll learn the world’s only free-standing escalator, which is supported at only the ends and takes riders up eight stories in 2 1/2 minutes, was also considered an attraction when Atlanta’s CNN Center was the theme park of television’s “World Of Sid & Marty Krofft” during the mid-1970s.


July 23, 2010 A letter to the editor that ran in Wednesday’s edition incorrectly gave a Newark address for Hope Spragins. The correct address is Batesville.

Vote ‘no’

July 23, 2010 Dear editor:Re: Proposed recreation and community/convention centersWhat? The city fathers have decided to build multi-million dollar sports and community/convention complexes in Batesville now, in the middle of a possible double-dip recession, when people are already suffering financially, have no jobs, are losing their homes, etc.? Raising taxes to almost 10 percent would be disastrous to many residents of Batesville, especially when we are faced with a probable federal tax increase soon! In addition, we have already had tax increases here for the last three years!