Undermining the abstinence message

August 26, 2009 The abstinence message is coming through loud and clear to Christian youth, but another message promoted in many Christian churches is undermining it.

First full-time job

August 25, 2009 I missed my calling, career-wise. I discovered a talent for writing at a young age. We were given an essay assignment in sixth grade. I wrote about a cousin who briefly ran away from home, from his point of view. The teacher asked me to read it aloud to the class. When I finished, the class erupted with applause, catching me completely by surprise. Later, the teacher told me it was the best essay she’d ever read written by a sixth-grader.


August 25, 2009 Crazy tea partyI went to a tea party the other day in hopes of finding Alice, whom I hadn’t seen for a long time. She was there, but very despondent. It seems she had been shooting up to 10 feet tall again. She had filed a claim with her private insurance carrier, but was denied. It seems she has what they call a “pre-existing condition.” Alice was trying to find her old friends to see if they could help her.

DCFS to get more money

August 24, 2009 LITTLE ROCK — Earlier this year the legislature approved additional resources for the state child welfare system. The governor ordered a top-to-bottom review of the agencies that provide services for children from broken families.The review is now complete and the state Division of Children and Family Services is hiring additional employees so that they will not have unmanageably large case loads. The division will hire 113 new case workers this fiscal year and an another 50 next year.

Mausoleum crypt nets millions

August 24, 2009 A down economy is usually the catalyst for change, a tightening of the belt you might say. Families will opt to eat out less and eat in more, find entertainment at home rather than at a theme park or movie theater, all while carefully watching their dimes and nickels. In one widow’s case, the economy has got her looking to EBay to sell her late husband’s resting place in order to pay the mortgage on her Beverly Hills home.

Two-year status is changing

August 21, 2009 Two-year colleges have long been in the shadows of other higher education institutions in America. However, their perceived second-class status is changing now that President Obama is shining a spotlight on these invaluable institutions and recommending money to improve their ability to educate Americans.

Rapper, a blogger and ‘true threats’

August 21, 2009 Saying that someone deserves to be killed certainly gets anyone’s attention.But when does saying that or something like it pass from just being hateful speech that offends, or just so much hot air, to what the law calls a “true threat”— and the catalyst for criminal prosecution?

Running the race: A soldier’s final lap

August 20, 2009 I did two things this morning I don’t like doing. First, I woke up.Anyone who knows me also knows I’m not a morning person at all. I half-jokingly tell people my biological day-clock is canted about 8 hours to the right of most everyone else. The second thing? I went for a run this morning. At 6 a.m. Yeah. ME.

What was this menace thinking?

August 20, 2009 The small Associated Press story that came across the wire late last week was about a judge in Illinois dismissing a lawsuit filed against an Illinois state trooper by an Arkansas couple injured in a freeway wreck, ruling that Trooper Matt Mitchell has immunity from such lawsuits because of his job.But that’s not all of the story.