Holocaust survivor

May 19, 2009 If you were living in a Nazi internment camp in some of the most miserable conditions on the planet, would you be able thank God for even the lowly fleas that ate at your flesh day in and day out?I wouldn’t. But Elizabeth ten Boom was, and I thank God for her and her sister, Cornelia, who endured such prison life, in which every breath was torture and every torture was a blessing. Corrie ten Boom is the author of “The Hiding Place.”

Middle-aged and annoyed

May 18, 2009 I turned 47 a few weeks ago. Boy, am I getting cranky.Now in middle age, I’m less able to suffer fools gladly (including this fool). Many things annoy me:A girl in her early 20s goes into a beer store. She buys a case of beer and lugs it back to the car.Inside the car sit two young men, bigger and stronger than she. It never occurs to either louse to get off his duff and carry the case for her.It never occurs to younger men to open the car door when they take a girl on a date or to be gentlemanly or chivalrous in any way.

Cheap, old movies

May 18, 2009 The buttery popcorn, the secluded darkness, the anticipation of not knowing if the next 2 1/2 hours will be money well spent, or wasted.In these times going to the movies can be expensive. In these times, it’s also an activity in which people can forget their troubles for a few hours. This summer, many towns across Arkansas are hosting events known as free or cheap “movies in the park.” I think it’s one idea that would be great at Riverside Park at Batesville.

Unsung heroes at work

May 14, 2009 He or she is such a control freak! It’s a common criticism, and it’s usually directed at the crazy person running around barking orders. You know, the one who’s about to bite your head off because you didn’t do things exactly the way they wanted you to. Nobody likes a micromanager, but did you ever notice that the people always complaining about control freaks are usually the ones sitting on the sidelines? It’s easy for them to get annoyed at the order barkers, because they’re not the ones who have to be in charge.

Coming to theater near you

May 14, 2009 In only a hundred days and change, President Barack Obama has committed $6.5 trillion to waste, fraud and abuse. That’s $6,500,000,000,000.00, which is more than all the costs of World War I and World War II combined.And you think it can’t get worse? Believe me, IT CAN.Things have gotten so bad that even in my home state of California a Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is urging support for a massive $16 billion tax hike which is deceptively masquerading as a measure to put a lid on out-of-control government spending.

Bon voyage Captain

May 13, 2009 “Elvis died.”That was the call I got a couple of weeks ago, and just for a moment I had to think exactly what that meant. The nickname Elvis, along with Capt. Stubing and Clark Griswald, were some of the fun names we had assigned to our friend Gary Hunt.That call brought back a lot of memories because for many years we had a lot of good times with J.J. and Gary, along with several other couples.

Baseball, jobs, table poker

May 12, 2009 Anyone who has been following this column knows I’m a baseball nut. I plead guilty to the charge. I tried out for my first baseball team at the age of 9. In our city, back then, not everyone who wanted to play got to, even at that early age. There were no rules mandating that every kid had to play an inning, or get an at bat, during games. Space was limited.

Commission faces hurdles

May 11, 2009 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The Arkansas Lottery Commission has the unenviable task of setting up from scratch a multi-million business for the state. They’re doing it with little instruction and plenty of eyes watching.The nine members of the panel charged with setting up and supervising the games of chance approved by voters last fall face plenty of obstacles as they try to meet the goal of selling the first lottery tickets to the public by the end of the year.If the commission’s first meeting is any indication, they’re working without a net.