Not the time…

June 9, 2010 Now is not the time for a Sports Complex in Batesville.It seems to be a popular idea of elected government officials to push this the proposed additional sales tax to finance the proposed Sports Complex. This is not the time for Batesville to be doing this.We have just started to recover from one of the worst economic periods in recent U.S. history. If you had a business or worked for a business that is just recovering or is trying to secure a more certain future, would you buy a swimming pool for your home or for your employees?

E.M. Forster and Facebook

June 9, 2010 “Big Brother” is watching you in a very “Orwellian” way. Has been for years. People who have never heard of George Orwell know of the term “Big Brother.” In many ways his dark vision of what the year 1984 would look like is prophetic. For example, his novel 1984 takes place during a never-ending war while technology is aiding an over-reaching government. I read that in the New York Times yesterday.Orwell was right. He was dead on. Spooky.

Sisters teach equality to Afghan women

June 8, 2010 As Afghanistan attempts to reach a peace accord with Taliban leaders, U.S. lawmakers, says USA Today, “have made clear that they want women’s rights preserved in any potential deal to integrate former insurgents into the government.”My five sisters took it upon themselves to prepare Afghani women for equality.“We hear the Taliban men made you cover your faces and wear floor-length shrouds,” said one of my sisters to one Afghan woman.“It is true,” said the woman.“And they wouldn’t let you work or allow your daughters to go to school?”“Also true.”

Gardening questions

June 8, 2010 It’s the second week of June, and I still don’t have any squash or zucchini ready to pick, not to mention peppers. Is this normal?I’m still learning the ropes when it comes to this gardening stuff. This is my first year to have any kind of bed whatsoever — something besides a few pots on my back deck. I chose squash and zucchini because it seems like every gardener I know ends up with too much, so I figured they couldn’t be that hard to grow, right?

Better off dreaming

June 7, 2010 I sat on my tuffet, I ate my curds and whey and one would have thought that spider was real.It was the perfect Oscar-worthy moment during that little church production of “Little Miss Muffet” in El Dorado, if I do say so myself, but that’s about as far as “Lacy Mitchell the actress” ever went in public.Still, the dreams of bright lights, big stages and movie cameras have never subsided and it will always be one thing I wish I would have pursued even if only on the small stage.

The bright side of the BP oil spill

June 7, 2010 To say the news coming out of the Gulf is not what you call encouraging, and it’s making people crazy. No. Really. Crazy. Louisiana native and Democratic strategist James Carville went off on the Ppresident like a string of overstuffed firecrackers in a pot-bellied stove. And for Carville to savage the leader of his own party either means he’s mad as hell and can’t take it anymore or his wife Mary Matalin’s naggingly oppressive monotonic brain-washing has achieved full saturation. I would hazard a bit of both.

Look north this summer for vacation plans

June 4, 2010 Has the oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico caused you to rethink your summer vacation plans? Cancel your Gulf fishing trip? Here’s a thought: Look north.I know a place with unique fishing, islands that rival the Caribbean, plenty of things to keep the family occupied, good eating, and best of all you don’t need a passport and everyone speaks English. Curious yet? It’s time to check out Lake Erie.Lake Erie, the 13th largest lake in the world, is one of the Great Lakes that spans the border between Canada and the United States, but it is so much more.

Road woes

June 4, 2010 LITTLE ROCK —  In recent years tax revenue from traditional sources for maintaining Arkansas state highways has been flat or in actual decline. At the same time the cost of fixing highways and bridges has gone up.Raising taxes is always politically difficult, and in an economic slowdown it becomes extremely so. However, when highway maintenance is postponed it quickly becomes more expensive.

Recession now or depression later?

June 4, 2010 Date nights are great nights! My wife and I enjoyed an awesome film during one of these over Memorial Day weekend.Typical for a Russell Crowe film, “Robin Hood” was brutal! Yet it was just the film to fit my flavor for “history” flicks. I would have called it, “Robin Hood: When Governments Go Broke” as this name is a better fit for the story.


June 3, 2010 If only more Americans had bought fixer-uppers.Maybe I better explain.My first house was in need of major renovations. Boy, did my father and I suffer when we improved the bathroom.The project started well enough. We tore down the old wall tile and put up wallpaper and a tub surround. We repainted, then put down a new floor. All we had to do to was reinstall the commode.The bolts that had secured the toilet to the floor had both broken. The hardware-store guy sold me a kit to reattach them.