Handing over control

August 18, 2010 If you read the Guard Tuesday, you noticed the front-page coverage of last weekend’s “Rock This House” women’s conference at the Ash Flat Church of Christ. I don’t know when I’ve been moved by such an event, feeling so uplifted before. It felt like the Holy Spirit was pouring into every person at the event, and there were hundreds there.

Coming in 2050

August 17, 2010 After a big meal, I fell into a restless sleep and dreamt it was 2050 ...“Follow me,” said a jittery old man as we hurried through a dark alley to a warehouse door.The man knocked on the door five times. It opened and we entered.“Where are we?” I said.“The last refuge of freedom,” said the man as he lit a cigarette and took a deep drag.“I don’t understand.”

Animal problems continue

August 17, 2010 In just the past two weeks, volunteers from the Humane Society of Independence County (HSIC) have gone on quite a few abuse/abandonment calls (as they do almost weekly), trying to determine what county animals are in dire need of attention and/or assistance.

Good work

August 16, 2010 Dear editor:Thanks to those who voted “yea” or “nay” in the August 10, 2010, special election! Every vote is important, whether one believes that or not! Your vote could be the deciding vote — remember that! Voting is such a privilege, and citizens of the United States are so fortunate to have the freedom to express our opinions in this fashion. Please, please, always take the few minutes to vote on any issues presented — your vote is important!

Upset with animal control

August 16, 2010 Dear editor:Well, once again Mr. Pender and some more of our officials have gotten bored and found something else they can cause trouble about.Now we cannot have any chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, owls, etc. In all honesty I don’t know anyone who has an owl, but in case he finds one I wish Mr. Pender good luck in catching it and putting it on a bus out of town.It also makes me wonder if all these animal haters are going to have a cookout and eat all the ducks and geese at the pond at the cemetery.

Tea anyone?

August 16, 2010 Why I joined the TEA Party Movement

Graceland in the rain

August 16, 2010 Today marks 33 years since Elvis Presley passed away and if you’re reading this today or Tuesday I’m at Elvis Week 2010 in Memphis celebrating the life and legacy of someone I never knew but wouldn’t know how to live without.In honor of Elvis, I thought I would share a story I wrote following a spur-of-moment trip to Memphis and Graceland in 2006 when I was still in college.The weather made me want to curl up in Lisa Marie’s chair in the Jungle Room or the sofas in the TV room while outside all I could hear was the wind and rain hitting the side of Elvis’ home.

High rates lead to lawsuit

August 13, 2010 LITTLE ROCK — The state attorney general’s office has filed a lawsuit against payday lending companies that operate on the Internet because the interest rates charged to Arkansas residents amounts to 782 percent annually.The companies do business as Arrowhead Investments, Inc., and Galaxy Marketing, Inc. The attorney general also sued an individual named Christopher Hodes, alleging that he controls the companies and markets payday loans to Arkansans through their web sites.

Let ’em eat soup

August 13, 2010 The members of the media who savaged my stepmother Nancy Reagan for buying new china for the White House — dinnerware that will last for decades — have for the most part either ignored the cost and the significance of Michelle Obama’s regal visit to Spain or downplayed it.

Discount applied inconsistently

August 12, 2010 This senior, for one, would like to see area restaurants get their act together in regard to senior discounts for meals. Or, it’s fine if eateries have no senior discounts — but, please, apply it consistently.Let’s have it one way or another, please.I like to eat where I can read a newspaper at lunch without carrying in my own copy of the paper. Of course, I also like good food at a decent price.However, I would prefer that managers of all restaurants make sure all of their employees understand whether seniors are eligible for a discount.