Two battle while one stands by

April 19, 2010 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — D.C. Morrison has been a bystander in the political shootout between incumbent Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in the Senate Democratic primary. But that doesn’t mean he’s an insignificant factor in the race.With virtually no name recognition and little money, Morrison’s presence in the race is threatening to prolong the primary fight between Lincoln and Halter. Signs are increasing that he may enjoy a bump in votes on May 18 from voters tired of the bickering between the two primary candidates.

Global warming to blame

April 19, 2010 Anyone else sick and tired of having itchy, watery eyes and runny, stuffy noses?What about the constant sneezing, scratchy throat or headache?My allergies haven’t been this bad since I was in grade school. In fact, I thought I had outgrown them.Until this year.I’m scared to be outside for too long in fear of the pollen that has coated everything. So, in I stay, hoping that the pollen will go away, taking my allergy symptoms with it.

Tis the season for the good, bad and ugly

April 16, 2010 This may be my strangest political season ever.For years voters have been complacent about those who hold office, make laws and decide what they think is in the best interest of the city, county, state and nation. Those same elected officials have had full reign over doing as they please with little or no input.That has all changed and, for the most part, that’s a good thing.

Stuck on the spin cycle

April 16, 2010 Rhetorical spinning used to be good sport. Think back on the scenes following Presidential debates, when high-powered advocates for each candidate pounced on reporters to spin every syllable so it seemed to favor their team’s point of view. It was unabashedly biased, and usually entertaining.Nowadays, though, we’re stuck in a constant spin cycle, and it’s enough to make most of us dizzy.

Letters to the editor

April 15, 2010 ‘Kudos’ to HoskinsDear Editor,I was proud of Bill Hoskins when I read his comments in the Batesville Guard from the library board meeting. Tax and spend seems to be the first line and with everyone in government having his/her hand in our pockets most of the time, it is getting increasingly difficult to pay one’s own bills, let alone those bills the government keeps handing us. More taxation would definitely not make ANYONE happy. Kudos to Bill for stating what should be the obvious.Most sincerelyKay Longenbach 

Here’s hoping I’m wrong

April 15, 2010 “How can you, a Christian, be opposed to poor people getting health care?” a reader and new friend asked me over lunch last week. We discussed issues related to the health care debate and role and function of government in general ... for nearly three hours.

Enough with the chirping

April 15, 2010 I hate birds when they chirp. It’s the government’s fault.I am sitting by an open door, with a nice spring breeze, the sun shining, the birds chirping. But I cannot enjoy this beautiful day.I am surrounded by a sea of receipts, you see — receipts of every kind. I keep every receipt for every transaction that I make all year long because my government says I must.

2010 The Year of Conservatives Roaring 20s

April 14, 2010 During the long cold winter of January 2009, Republicans were dreading the impending thaw of an Obama Administration. It was just after the massive “compassionate conservative” bank bailouts, the economy was hemorrhaging millions of jobs and yet a CBS/New York Times poll reported President George W. Bush still had a 22 percent approval rating.

The currency bubble

April 14, 2010 One of the bigger obstacles to the U.S. economy gaining substantial numbers of jobs is the battle over valuation of currency among different nations. The amount a currency is valued at is largely tied to the strength of their economy but it’s possible for individual countries to manipulate the pricing in either direction so that they can gain an advantage on the international markets when exporting their own goods and services.


April 13, 2010 TV show reveals more about boss than employees