Letters to the Editor

July 7, 2016 Drink causes ‘local terror’ Dear editor: It is wonderful that our Guard is fostering an airing of views on the pending liquor petition.

Tear down those walls

July 7, 2016 Donald Trump has made “the wall” one of 2016’s most popular topics of conversation, but it’s not as though he invented the concept. Since …

How to shake the snakes

July 6, 2016 Andrea Bruner Our little country lane almost a “house for sale” sign put up in the front yard last week.

Job No. 1: Destroy ISIS

July 5, 2016 Mike Reagan How many more Istanbuls and Orlandos and Brussels do we need before we wake up and smell the gunpowder? …

Letters to the Editor

July 1, 2016 New fee at library for out-of-county residents Dear Editor, As you know, the Independence County Library Board recently voted to withdraw our library …