Affairs to remember

March 24, 2010 With all apologies to Tom Hanks and, perhaps, Danny Devito, I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of married celebrity men have affairs. Give a guy a taste of fame and fortune— really any sort of celebrity — and most will “forget” their marriage with whatever bar skank points her synthetic cleavage and poorly-drawn tattoos his way.

Read the fine print

March 23, 2010 You’ve seen them on TV, men and women pitching fascinating products you wouldn’t buy in Wal-Mart for pocket change, then doubling the deal for no more than shipping and handling. Have your credit card ready and call now!Of course, I’m talking about health care reform. Read the fine print.

Some food for thought

March 23, 2010 It seems like everything gives us cancer these days, and now one of the latest Food and Drug Administration warnings is plastic — not all plastics (yet) but more specifically, the organic compound called Bisphenol A, commonly abbreviated as BPA.

Political changes

March 22, 2010 LITTLE ROCK - Arkansas residents are getting U.S. Census forms in the mail. Next year the state Board of Apportionment will take the census figures and redraw the boundaries of our political landscape.The Board of Apportionment consists of three constitutional officers: the governor, the attorney general and the secretary of state. Their staff will use computers and information technology to redraw the geographic boundaries of all 100 districts in the House of Representatives and all 35 state Senate districts.

Gravy train could end for Reid

March 22, 2010  Looks can be deceiving.When pundits talk about leaders waltzing America into a future of European-style socialism, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi get most of the attention. But their work wouldn’t be successful without the devoted support of the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, D-Nev. While long appearing to be a trusted public servant, Reid is anything but. He has begged, bribed and bullied Obama’s left-leaning agenda through the traditionally more conservative U.S. Senate. Reid’s biggest victory to date is the passage of ObamaCare late last year in the Senate.

Students lucky to get break

March 22, 2010 Spring break has officially begun for many schools across the region today, but Sunday’s weather for some in Arkansas was anything but spring-like as close to a foot of snow fell across the northwest.If it’s one thing I’ll never forget about the fifth grade and my Arkansas history textbook, it’s a sentence that summarized Arkansas weather in 20 words or less.“If you don’t like the weather in Arkansas, wait five minutes and it will change” (or, something like that).Over the years I’ve realized it’s become more like the motto of the “land of opportunity.”

Life before politics

March 19, 2010 Anyone who knows my politics understands that I consider myself pro-life; however, as I have written often, I also recognize that millions of Americans feel differently than I do and that we must continue to respect each other as Americans even though we share this fundamental difference of opinion.But today I am deeply concerned about the use of tax dollars to fund elective abortions.

Failing school grades

March 18, 2010 Today, Washington is so focused on expanding the size and influence of our federal government at the expense of taxpayers that they are overlooking one of the greatest security risks facing our nation -- our failing education system.Our broken education system is failing America’s children while countries around the world, our own global competitors, are making dramatic strides in educating their future work forces.

More Irish spirit needed

March 17, 2010 Their slogan wasn’t “Irish need not apply.” It was worse.I speak of a battle I witnessed in Old Town, Alexandria, Va., a decade ago — a battle that involved a popular Irish pub, Pat Troy’s Ireland’s Own, and a condo association.A new landlord purchased the building in which Troy’s pub had resided for 19 years. The landlord wanted to turn the pub space into office space. He asked Troy to vacate.Troy, an Irish immigrant known for his many charitable causes, bought a building two blocks away. He planned to relocate his pub there — right next to the condo association.