July 23, 2010 A letter to the editor that ran in Wednesday’s edition incorrectly gave a Newark address for Hope Spragins. The correct address is Batesville.

Vote ‘no’

July 23, 2010 Dear editor:Re: Proposed recreation and community/convention centersWhat? The city fathers have decided to build multi-million dollar sports and community/convention complexes in Batesville now, in the middle of a possible double-dip recession, when people are already suffering financially, have no jobs, are losing their homes, etc.? Raising taxes to almost 10 percent would be disastrous to many residents of Batesville, especially when we are faced with a probable federal tax increase soon! In addition, we have already had tax increases here for the last three years!

Questions need answers

July 23, 2010 Dear editor:Answers to questions are always good. Sometimes, however, the answers generate more questions. The vote is nearing on the parks and recreation tax and there are still many questions that need to be answered. We now know where it will be and the price. Boy what a price! Here are a few questions and comments for the voters.1. Did you know that good farm ground (in Independence County) that does not flood goes for $1,200 to around $3,000 per acre? Check the local real estate listings for facts. Also note that very little of this ground hits the high mark.

Not time for tax

July 23, 2010 Dear editor:With our economy in shambles, now is not the time to increase the sales tax. Sales taxes are considered to be regressive, as it turns out that the lower your income is, the greater proportion of your income you will wind up paying sales tax. This is because the taxes are not determined on income, and even the poor must consume a certain amount of goods and services.

Appraisal woes

July 23, 2010 To the Editor: Is it easy to steal from old people or what?  From purse snatchers to unscrupulous businessmen, old folks are easy marks. Even our state government steals from them. The state doesn’t steal from all seniors, only those least able to take care of themselves. 

New school progam is voluntary

July 23, 2010 LITTLE ROCK  —  For kids it is the middle of summer, and for the state Board of Education it is time to prepare for the coming school year.At its July meeting the state board approved a Public School Fund of almost $2.6 billion for the 2010-2011 school year. That will provide the bulk of revenue for 244 school districts in Arkansas that educate 465,000 students from kindergarten through grade 12. There are about 34,000 teachers in Arkansas and their average salary is $45,000, according to the state Education Department.

Judging by the weight

July 23, 2010 Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not kill.Those words kept running over and over in my mind as I picked up speed and headed around the back side of the jogging trail where I had just encountered the person who inspires those murderous thoughts.You guessed it. She’s skinny.So tiny, in fact, that she might register 82 pounds soaking wet.And in all honesty, the fact that she is so thin is not nearly as big an issue as the fact she doesn’t walk in the same direction as the rest of us.

Cut corners

July 22, 2010 Dear editor:I want to voice my opinion concerning the proposed tax increase for the new recreational facility for Batesville. I know that if I choose to continue to shop in Batesville, I’ll be helping to fund this. The residents living outside the city would get no more benefit from this than they are getting from the Humane Society. I for one have called them many times about dogs that come to my house after being dumped by people, but they say they never have any room.

Disappointed with tactics

July 22, 2010 Dear editor:In politics, catchy phrases, a sense of urgency to rush a vote, and vague tax information are often signs one should take a more in-depth look at what is actually trying to be accomplished.I am disappointed the “Move Batesville Forward” group has used that approach to try and force their agenda on the whole county. This only serves to divide the county instead of helping us work as a unit for the common good.

Reasons for support

July 22, 2010 Dear editor:I am writing to express the reasons why I am in support of the Batesville Parks Initiative.1. A community/convention center with room for conferences, educational programs, activities, meetings, concerts and special events would enhance the lives of not only Batesville residents but those who live in the surrounding areas.2. Health: An indoor walking track, a heated therapeutic pool, a gym; all are needed to stay fit and have a prolonged life.3. Convenience: