How to fit a boy with cement shoes

September 28, 2010 An incident occurred over the weekend involving my young teenage daughter and a neighborhood boy that brought out a glimpse of, Vincenza, my less than forgiving Italian alter ego. Without going into much detail, suffice it to say my daughter’s heart weathered the first of hopefully few storms to come spawned by teenage romance. Since neither kid’s allowed to date, they just hung out a few times, not a huge romantic investment. Because I know the boy, and my daughter demonstrated maturity by coming to me up front, I let her dip a toe in the water.

Young salespeople calling

September 28, 2010 I’m feeling an inclination to apologize to everyone who bought Tom-Wat from me in the late ’80s/early ’90s, and to particularly apologize to my dad who ended buying whatever amount was needed to fulfill my quotient.

Baby showers yield old friends

September 27, 2010 It’s true that old friends never go out of style and there’s nothing like a wedding or baby shower in the South to prove it.   We all have different categories of friends and my high school classmates are in a special one even we go without talking to or see each other for months or years.

Martha’s big adventure: End of TV

September 27, 2010 There’s a cultural shift taking place that may mean the end to another icon, the television set, that we thought was here to stay. First, it was the newspapers that lost a large part of their circulation as more and more people got their news from their laptops and phones.Now, the television industry, which in this case means the cable industry is seeing the same trend unfold right before their eyes and may not be able to stop the exit, either.

Expense of being health illiterate

September 27, 2010 LITTLE ROCK — According to the American Medical Association, people’s ability to understand instructions on brochures and prescription drug bottles is a better predictor of their health outcomes than their race, age, income or education level.

Economic problems are over

September 24, 2010 Pretty much everyday the various news programs report that a bunch of financial analysts have released some very long reports that either say the economy has improved or that it has gotten slightly worse. This news will be reported and debated then used by the various talking head television shows to either bury President Barack Obama’s performance or praise it.This will, of course, dramatically influence the life of average Americans as financial reports and the analysis of financial reports determines how things actually are.

Separating church from state, fact from fiction

September 24, 2010 When Glen Urquhart told a candidates’ forum last April that Adolf Hitler, not Thomas Jefferson, coined the phrase “separation of church and state,” he probably didn’t anticipate that his bizarre take on history would be disseminated to the world on YouTube — just in time for the fall campaign. But in the Internet era, no off-the-wall comment goes unrecorded.

Why does Obama hate tax cuts?

September 23, 2010 In his recent town-hall appearance, President Obama sought to pin the blame for the nation’s economic troubles on the so-called Bush tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003.That’s not all that surprising, since the president appears to believe that the federal government is the sole and rightful owner of what you think is your money.He says it isn’t your money. He is convinced that it’s his. Thus you can expect him to oppose any measures that would allow you to hang onto the lion’s share of the money you earn or receive from investments.

Speaking ill of Republicans

September 23, 2010 In order to “make news” something must be  new, or weird, or unusual. It’s already assumed we know the old and usual, so news is the opposite of that. We read about outliers and changes happening in any given day. Anything sticking out as different is considered newsworthy.So anti-war protesters protesting (yawn) gets little coverage. But old people in Tea Party rallies protesting Medicare and Social Security get a proverbial barrel full of ink. Because it’s weird … unusual.

Value of words

September 23, 2010 Why should I have to tell you that I love you? I’m married to you, aren’t I? Why should I have to compliment you for doing your job? I pay you every week.It’s the “I shouldn’t have to tell you, you should just know” phenomenon, and it isn’t just confined to elderly, curmudgeon men.Words are hard for many people. They find it difficult to express feelings of love, affection or admiration, and getting a compliment out of them is like trying to squeeze water from a stone.