Creating a fund for any and all reasons

October 8, 2010 There’s a memorable episode of “Seinfeld” in which George invents a fake organization called the Human Fund, to fool coworkers into believing that a gift was made on their behalf to a seemingly worthwhile cause. In dreaming up an innocuous, patriotic-sounding name the writers might just as well have called it the American Future Fund.

Listen, just stick to one idea

October 8, 2010 There are so many blunders in life that are really only visible in the rear view mirror. Mostly that’s because we refuse to listen until we can actually see wreckage. Predictions of dire results don’t always impress us and we believe somehow our experiences will be different.I am such a great example of this method of living and I offer up my own stubborn insistence on doing it my way as a cautionary tale.

Friend or pet may save a child’s life

October 7, 2010 In the fall, the outdoors becomes a wonderland of color as the leaves change into the colors of the rainbow. The weather’s cool, and the chance for adventure will lure many families into wilderness areas for hiking, camping, picnicking, photo shoots and opportunities to be outside and observe nature at this most-beautiful time of the year. However, fall is also the time of year when many children get separated from their parents and become lost in the wilderness, which is one of the reasons I’ve written the book, “How to Lost-Proof Your Child.”

Tracing family history

October 7, 2010 After wondering for years where my great-grandfather James Franklin “Jim” Wolfe was buried, I learned just how forgetful I am.One of my aunts, Esther Stroud, cleared up the whole thing one day last week.

Extremists found on both sides

October 7, 2010 “What” are we voting for? Local politics is the same as usual, races between candidates from the two primary parties with a smattering of independents, write-ins and third parties. Local is always where races are decided, and rightfully so.You’ve heard how the progressive-liberal-elite-consortium has described TEA Partiers: far right-wing extremists, way outside of mainstream America. National media are focusing on repercussions of a TEA Party-inspired ripple, wave or tsunami of conservatives winning seats over Democrats.

Meaningless alert issued

October 6, 2010 The federal government has issued an official terrorism alert regarding Americans travelling to Europe. This, of course, has everything to do with information gathered by intelligence sources and absolutely nothing to do with distracting the public from the failing economy.

Somebody say the blessing

October 6, 2010 When I confided to my cousin Arleen in Atlanta I had been snookered into going with the family to Kansas for a mini-family reunion her response was, “It will be such a blessing.”Blessing is not the terminology I would have used. Like her, when my other cousin suggested taking her mom and mine to visit their brother I thought it was a great idea also.For her, not me.Just how I ended up packed and ready for the Griswold 2010 trip is still questionable. At the time it was discussed and not an outright plan, I could pass all the required drug and alcohol tests.

Columnist authors new book

October 5, 2010 Purity: What if everything you thought you knew was wrong?Authored by Rick BaberIt’s as if someone instructed Rick Baber to “write what he knows” and make it interesting, intriguing, funny and spell-binding.He did just that. “Purity” takes the reader to northwestern Arkansas where an insurance adjuster, Jeff Davis, is assigned to investigate an accident. Sound dull? Not a chance. Four young girls have disappeared, each looking just like the last; each simply missing until, at the scene of the accident, he finds a fifth girl: Dead.

Rockin’ good time

October 5, 2010 I woke up Monday morning to a pounding headache, feeling hung over, and I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol all weekend. I think I’m just getting old. In college I could go 90-to-nothing all the time, and now a weekend of it just leaves me exhausted.Friday night, Gary and I went with friends to see Lady Antebellum at Arkansas State University, and easily could have spent another couple hours listening to them. They put on a great show, and I don’t think anyone there was disappointed.

Diluting the Tea Party gene pool

October 5, 2010 Say what you will about the tea party, but it has been remarkably effective at pushing select fringe candidates to electoral victories.In late 2009, you would have been hard pressed to find anyone in Washington who would have believed that a Republican would soon fill the Senate seat held for decades by the late Ted Kennedy.Enter tea party-backed Scott Brown.Brown — a state senator at the time of his election — was the first in what would become a long line of tea party endorsed candidates with rather colorful pasts.