A lesson on the tale of two teachers

February 19, 2010 Do you ever feel like you’re surrounded by negativity?Sometimes it seems like everyone around you has a bad attitude. You try your best, but it’s almost impossible to get them to act right and play nice.But what role do your own thoughts and emotions have in creating your environment?Consider the tale of two teachers.They’re both public high school teachers; one teaches biology, and the other teaches language arts (the fancy label for what we used to call English).

Martha’s Big Adventure: Life’s Terms

February 19, 2010 One of my favorite sayings is, “live life on life’s terms,” which means deal with things the way they are step by step in pursuit of the big dream. If you can’t pay your bills, get a job and become a star after hours. If you want to run a marathon, start by walking a mile on a consistent basis. If you want to own a home, start saving and make sure you can reasonably afford whatever you’re buying for the length of the loan.

Life, death in pioneer Batesville

February 18, 2010 “Surprised by Death,” Dr. George Lankford’s 2009 book based on the shooting death of young Nick Burton of Batesville in 1841, is a tremendously enjoyable read. To me, getting to know the details of the 1840s in this city, even centered around such a tragedy, brought pioneer Batesville to life as I had never before seen it or thought about it.

My life on the D list

February 17, 2010 •disappear •darling •dolph• darlis •don •dedicated •drinking •dating •dork •dad •don’t •dallas •deliveries •death •digiorno •drama •dash •diablolical •devout •drugs •depression •decade •dinner •determined •discovered •delete •dancing •divorce •do 

The domino effect

February 16, 2010 A bit of a rhetorical question today: When will the people in charge realize that when it comes to schools, bigger is not necessarily better?

Getting off track

February 16, 2010 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Arkansas’ strained budget and the amounts for lottery-funded scholarships were supposed to be the top agenda items as lawmakers gathered for the first-ever fiscal session.But it’s the side issues that are stealing the limelight.

Trapped in a gold barrel

February 15, 2010 My daughter is learning how to drive.But, as it turns out, I’m the one getting a lesson.I’m learning all kinds of new things, like how to stifle a scream. And that no matter how hard you push your foot into the floor, you can’t stop the car from the passenger side because there’s no brake buried in the floor mat.I’m also learning that a sudden intake of breath at every passing car does not inspire confidence in a new driver. 

Everlasting love

February 15, 2010 I wonder if Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher ever squabble after 85 years of holy matrimony.And if so, what about?In a 2008 interview, Herbert said they never argued, but have had their disagreements, but I still wonder what kind of disagreement a couple such as them would have after so many years.Do they still talk, share sweet nothings as young lovers do, or are they more content to say nothing, figuring that after more than eight decades what more could they say that hasn’t been said already.

2 cents worth

February 12, 2010 I’m only guessing, but a major problem with being president has to be people around you being more likely to stick their face in a cast iron oscillating fan than tell you the truth. Let’s say you slip and fall and rip a hole in your pants down to your ankle while spilling hot coffee on a little blind girl in a wheelchair in front of a nationally televised audience. The worst you could expect to hear from a staffer is “Well, that could have gone better.”