Spineless despots don’t like cartoons

May 20, 2010 As incredible as it might seem for a modern European democracy, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico is suing for an apology and €33,000 ($43,000.00) for a political cartoon, drawn by Martin “Shooty” Sutovec for the SME Daily newspaper, that mocked the Prime Minister’s health by suggesting he didn’t have a backbone.

Burger ban

May 19, 2010 It should be “Ban the Burger Month” instead. May is “National Hamburger Month,” an annual “tradition” that began 18 years ago when White Castle, purveyor of small, tasty, high-calorie burgers, initiated it. It figures that a capitalistic organization would promote such a thing. According to about.com, White Castle, in 1921, was the first to introduce the mass distribution of the burger. The concept was an immediate hit.

Obama: Trust only me

May 19, 2010 Always the smooth operator, Obama is urging the American people to tune out other voices and listen only to the sound of their dear leader’s voice.

Facing strange changes

May 18, 2010 Compelled to fork out my own eyes, I resisted, if only because that would surely have been more traumatic for these kids than the mental image of some over-easy chicken embryos. If you watch TV long enough, any night of the week, early enough for the kids to still be up, you’re likely to see commercials featuring voluptuous young underwear models strutting around wearing barely enough to cover their naughty parts. It’s the kind of stuff for which we used to make fake ID’s and pay good money to see at the movie theater. In the words of Eddie Murphy in “48 Hours,” “TV has changed.”

Finding ways to communicate

May 18, 2010 What it is about a cell phone that makes some folks think they can’t even go to the bathroom without it? I’ll admit that I do feel anxious without my phone during a normal business day, since several of my contacts have my number and sometimes it’s easier to reach me that way instead of calling our office. But on weekends, I figure people can leave a voicemail or text me, and I’ll get back to them at my leisure. I definitely do not consider myself a slave to my phone, by any means.

Political battles continue

May 17, 2010 LITTLE ROCK. (AP) — The Democratic and Republican primaries for a United States seat in Arkansas on Tuesday may be a referendum on just how deep anti-incumbent sentiment has set in among voters this year. Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Republican Congressman John Boozman, the front-runner for the GOP nomination for her post, are both being targeted by candidates touting an anti-Washington message.

Nashville is still singing

May 17, 2010 The circle may be a little waterlogged but it’s unbroken. Floodwaters in Nashville earlier this month have certainly dampened the city but not its spirits as news reports highlight Music City’s efforts in pulling itself up by the bootstraps. This is a perfect example of the American spirit, as it is anytime tragedy befalls on American soil and I know Nashville will come back strong, just as our great country does whenever put to the test. A telethon last week hosted by musician Vince Gill and others raised more than $1.7 million and another on Sunday evening helped to do the same.

Getting sued for laughing

May 14, 2010 What is it about humor that all too often results in situations that decidedly are not a laughing matter? Free speech in comedy attracts controversy as well as belly laughs, and in the case of two “South Park” television episodes this season that attempted to feature the Prophet Muhammad, even death threats.

A frightful despotism

May 14, 2010 In her infancy, or at least throughout the term of her first President, the United States maintained an aura of non-partisanship. George Washington avoided association with political parties. Now I’m not saying that parties, or factions, didn’t exist. They most certainly did, along similar, but not the same, principles to those of the two major parties today. A basic contention existed over the size and influence of central government. Seems those battle lines have remained throughout each ages of our nation’s history.

Damage control needed

May 13, 2010 Damage control is needed now for some of the theories about matching the famous immigration that went through Ellis Island to the present problem of immigration. What hit me this Saturday AM was a financial advisor on TV claiming that amnesty for the present illegal people would be like having a new Ellis Island. I think that he has lost history.