Labor reflections

September 6, 2010 This writing gig is an absolute joy, and it’s often hard to keep from feeling guilty taking money for it. For that reason, I can’t really write about this trade in reference to the Labor Day holiday. It just doesn’t apply. But, I’ve had some jobs in my life, and on this beautiful weekend here in northwest Arkansas, some of them come to mind.The first job I had, in the seventh grade, was a subcontracting partnership between me and Chris and Rosco King, down at the Dairy Queen on Harrison Street. We picked up trash on the parking lot, way early in the morning, before school.

Learning by doing

September 6, 2010 In black and white it’s hard for me to picture Clark Gable and Doris Day as a couple. Who am I kidding? Even in color it would be hard for me to picture Gable and Day as a couple on the big screen, and that’s probably what kept me from watching the movie “Teacher’s Pet,” despite having owned the DVD for nearly two years.That was until a few weekends ago.

Legislators change vote

September 3, 2010 LITTLE ROCK — In a rare move, a legislative subcommittee working on adequate funding of public schools last week reversed a vote it had taken a week earlier.The Joint Adequacy Evaluation Oversight Subcommittee initially had recommended spending an additional 2.5 percent on public schools next fiscal year.After the governor and some legislators expressed concerns about the funding recommendation, the subcommittee agreed to backtrack on its prior vote. Some legislators also expressed doubts about how quickly the recommendation was made.

More on ‘Three for a Dime’

September 3, 2010 Those who enjoyed the “Three for a Dime” feature in Thursday’s edition of the Guard may be interested in reading more about the Massengill family, who traveled around the state from 1937-41 in “photo trailers,” taking photos and selling them three for a dime.Jim and Mancy Massengill of the Almond community started the business after Mancy examined the lens of a photo booth in the Ben Franklin store in Batesville. She got the name and address of the lens manufacturer, then sold chickens to raise money to send to Chicago for the lens.

Koran burning planned for 9/11

September 2, 2010 In case you missed some of the lowlights of the 20th century, one charismatic pastor from Florida is trying to bring them back. Yes, Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesville is planning a Koran burning for the ninth anniversary of 9/11. His church, the ironically named Dove World Outreach Center, plans to show its contempt for the Islamic holy book, a tome the pastor admits he’s never read, by using it as fuel for a bonfire.

100-year gap in education

September 2, 2010 Award-winning author Tony Horwitz seeks to fill in a 100-year gap in his public education in his 2008, 445-page book “A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World.”In elementary school, he writes, he was taught about the Mayflower and the Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock in 1620.And of course, he was taught about Christopher Columbus in 1492.But what, he wondered, happened during the 100-plus years between those two dates? Did nothing happen in North and South America during that span of time?

Under the Hill adventures

September 1, 2010 We had just stopped to sip a cold one and spend a few minutes away from the heat and found the bar empty except for a couple of regulars. It was just supposed to be one beer and we’d be outta there. After all, there were places to go and sights to see and daylight was burning.

Update on animals

August 31, 2010 Dear editor:Thank you so very much for putting the pictures and write-up about our abuse calls in the paper. Shortly after the write up, several people took the time to just stop by the shelter and thank us for what we do. It was very touching!

Loopy letters

August 31, 2010 Is the end of cursive writing at hand? If so, does it mean the end of civilization as we know it?Lately I’ve heard more than one person talk with dismay about the pending death of cursive writing. Isn’t a shame, what will people do without it, etc.? The conversations among the older generations are pretty much the same.