Money matters at legislature

January 25, 2010 LITTLE ROCK — State legislators will not receive any raises in salary next fiscal year, under spending recommendations approved by the Joint Budget Committee.The committee wrapped up budget hearings in preparation for the fiscal session that begins February 8. One of its final decisions was to recommend holding salaries of all elected officials at their current levels. Senators and members of the House of Representatives are paid $15,869 a year. The Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tem of the Senate are paid $17,771 a year.

Elvis Presley ate here

January 25, 2010 It sure didn’t look like much from the outside.And even on the inside it looked like something out of an Italian mob movie set in the 1970s. In fact, some areas, like the front register looked as if that was the last time it had ever been straightened up.I was a little apprehensive to venture into this establishment in Memphis. The door was tinted and the brick building looked rundown and not a place to be at in the middle of the day on South Parkway in Memphis.

Poll: Lincoln in trouble; Beebe soars

January 22, 2010 Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown’s upset victory over Democrat Martha Coakley Tuesday night altered the national political landscape in the health care debate and could have profound repercussions for the Democratic majority in Congress, including Arkansas’ closely-watched U.S. Senate race.Brown’s win handed the GOP a 41st seat in the U.S. Senate, a milestone that whittles away a filibuster-proof majority for Democrats.  His victory will also call into question the national strategy for holding incumbent Democratic seats amidst a toxic political environment.

‘Gold at Sulphur Rock!’

January 21, 2010 It’s a pity that local schools throughout the United States don’t teach the history of their own areas. For instance, how many students in this area know about the once famous Chart Rock near Evening Shade? Or that Sulphur Rock once had a gold strike, or at least a gold rush of sorts?

The two-handed wedgie

January 20, 2010 Just when you think we got enough to worry about, along comes a big, old raging controversy over airports utilizing full-body scanning machines that can see through fliers’ clothing all the way down to our naughty bits. Let me tell you where I stand on this brouhaha: I don’t care. Haha. In the whole modesty versus safety argument, you can count on me to crawl behind the Kevlar couch with the Safety First! crowd every time.

America still struggling

January 20, 2010 In his 2005 novel, “1776,” David McCullough chronicles American colonists’ struggles against an overbearing and arrogant aristocracy hell-bent on teaching unruly American ragamuffins who was in charge.

Jimmy Turner

January 19, 2010 Jimmy Roy Turner, 67, of Floral died Sunday, Jan. 17, 2010, in Little Rock.Born July 22, 1942, in Osceola, he was the son of Alvin and Lorine Turner. He was a veteran of the United States Navy.Survivors include his wife, Patsy Turner of Floral; two sons, Thomas Ray Wood of Floral and Jason Roy Turner of Osceola; a brother, George Turner of Manila; a sister, Joan Crafton of Nappanne, Ind.; and several nieces and nephews.He was preceded in death by his parents and a brother, Charles Turner.

A box full of memories

January 19, 2010 This past weekend, while Gary was taking down the last of the Christmas lights, I decided to tackle some kind of constructive project, as well. I cleaned up the scrapbook room, then I made myself clean out a box of sentimental “stuff.” Some of the items I’ve literally not seen in years and had wondered on occasion where they’d gotten to. There were also some items I had no idea I’d saved and knew immediately they could be trashed or recycled. And there were some things I know I need to send to a friend but haven’t made myself do that yet, so her “pile” is growing.

Lack of respect embarrassing

January 18, 2010 I witnessed something last week that made me feel sorry for parents across the world. In no way should any parent, let alone any non-parent, have to put up with not just a disrespectful child, but a disrespectful teenager who should know better.I admit as a teenager there were times I needed an attitude adjustment and I don’t blame my mother for feeling like ringing my neck, but that’s one good thing about getting older.