Looking at education factors

February 1, 2010 LITTLE ROCK — The number of college students who need remedial classes rose significantly this year, from 51.3 percent to 54.6 percent.One factor in the increase has been a sharp rise in the number of non-traditional students over the age of 25 who are going to college. In the current slow economy, many adults are trying to improve their job skills and marketability by getting a college degree. However, they’re finding that they are not prepared for college level course work so they must first take remedial classes in math, reading and English.

And the award goes to …

February 1, 2010 The award season is upon us. A few weeks ago it started with the People’s Choice Awards and on Sunday the 52nd Annual Grammys aired on CBS while the Oscars take the stage in March. I’ve always been a fan of award shows, the celebrities and the clothes. In fact, the clothes are just as fun to watch as the acceptance speeches and it’s just as fun to imagine what it would be like to be a part of it.

When the Bible goes to school

January 29, 2010 Fights over the Good Book in public schools have a long and ignoble history in the United States – from 19th century Bible Wars (when riots broke out over whose version of the Bible would be read in the morning) to current conflicts over Bible electives.Now three-in-one-month legal developments in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee add fuel to the fiery rhetoric from all sides about when the Bible should come through the schoolhouse door.

Dreaming of Springtime

January 28, 2010 During the recent near-zero weather and its followup, the still dang cold weather, my mind turned to gardening. Not that I want to plant a garden — I just want to think about planting a garden by selecting the varieties of vegetables and other plants that I would like to grow.It’s a way of going back to my childhood, for I did the same thing then. Back then, I wasn’t the boss of the household, but I could dream, couldn’t I? And I could at least ask mom and dad if it was possible to try a new variety of cucumber, or something.

Less order in the court

January 27, 2010 I had no doubt that if Jill and the Lord were going to “buddy up,” then the cancer would know it had met some tough opposition. 

Best and worst cooks

January 26, 2010 I’ve found yet another reality show I most definitely don’t want to be on (besides “Hoarders”): “Worst Cooks in America” on the Food Network.If you’ve not seen it, 12 people who were nominated by friends and family have divided up into two teams, and each week they are instructed, bootcamp-style, by two chefs whom I’ve never heard of. The winner will get $25,000 and, I suppose, the satisfaction of knowing they are not the worst cooks in America. That title may go to the first two people who were sent home.