Raising Louie

August 6, 2010 My son, Louie, who is 22 years old, has learned how to cook. The DNA scramble for knowing your way around the kitchen has to be a throwback by a few generations. The Carr women are very talented at a lot of things but cooking is not generally one of them. The Carr men didn’t tend to ever enter the kitchen.

Enough with the cards

August 5, 2010 Dear President Obama:I’m writing to wish you many happy returns on your 49th birthday and also to explain why I declined to add my name to the card that Mrs. Obama asked me and several million of your closest admirers to sign.Michelle’s request came in an e-mail from the Organizing for America campaign unit, and it mentioned the health care and Wall Street reform measures as two reasons why this has been a “hectic” year for you. I’ll say.

Name game

August 5, 2010 When Ronald Reagan and his then-wife Jane Wyman adopted me they gave me the name Michael Reagan. That’s what parents — adopted or natural — do. They name their offspring, natural or adopted.Recently I launched the first-ever conservative Internet service, Reagan.com, and I offered to make all of its services available to whoever wished to take advantage of them for a modest fee.Somehow, this modest enterprise enraged the loonies on the far left. I was accused of using my father’s name — and mine, you know, the name my parents gave me.

Issue with roads

August 4, 2010 Dear editor:I read the article in your paper Wednesday, July 7, 2010 (agreement), where Jones said, I quote, “Hicks threw tickets showing work that needs to be done on county roads into the trash can that same day and said he wasn’t fixing any more roads or potholes for the rest of the year. He said if Robert Griffin thinks we have potholes now, wait till he takes office,” unquote.

Who you gonna call?

August 4, 2010 We got up every Sunday morning of our lives and graced the doors of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, sang our little hearts out from the Heavenly Highway Hymns and stayed until the last Amen was given.“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”My parents put a lot of stock in that verse.It goes without saying that they questioned it over the years when both their children traveled the wrong paths but they always hung onto their faith and I’d like to think it finally paid off.

Spending cuts?

August 4, 2010 “I’m sick of wasteful government spending. It’s time we throw the bums out!”“You raise a fair point. A Congressional Budget Office brief says our growing debt could lead to a real fiscal crisis if investors lose confidence in the federal government’s ability to manage its budget.”“There was a time investors had confidence in our government’s ability to manage the budget? I say we slash spending across the board!”

Is the tea-party Islamophobic?

August 3, 2010 The current wave of anti-mosque protests around the country represents a new threat to the religious freedom of Muslims in America — a threat directed not at terrorists who act in the name of Islam, but at all Muslims and Islam itself.Incidents of discrimination and bias aimed at Muslim Americans have been rising since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But anti-Muslim rhetoric has taken an ominous turn in recent months as a growing number of political and community leaders — some with tea-party affiliations — have begun warning of a “Muslim takeover” of America.

Failing to show respect

August 2, 2010 Something must be wrong with the world when not every vehicle meeting an oncoming funeral procession pulls off the side of the road out of respect.Isn’t this something you’re not only supposed to do, but something you should do?It disheartened me Sunday afternoon when on the way to Jonesboro, I saw one or two vehicles disregard this and drive right past the procession, without slowing down either.

Beebe faces opposition

August 2, 2010 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Gov. Mike Beebe isn’t lacking in campaign cash or high approval numbers as he seeks a second term in office. What he’s lacking instead are the types of sweeping proposals that put the Democrat in the governor’s mansion four years ago.Then, Beebe was running on a platform that included proposals to cut two major taxes, expand pre-kindergarten programs and create an incentive fund to attract new businesses to the state.

Behind the leaked documents

July 30, 2010 The man behind the torrent of leaked documents wants to end the war in Afghanistan, and he doesn’t care how much damage he does to the troops on the ground in that hostile environment. Now hailed by anti-war liberals as some kind of a hero, Australian computer hacker Julian Assange is part of an international cabal dedicated to doing mischief that endangers U.S. national security.