Recurring dreams

July 8, 2010 Recurring dreams plague my life. I have a couple of dreams, from my childhood, that have recurred often throughout my lifetime.One is a flying dream in which I fritter and frolic through the air in any direction I desire. Incredible beauty I scope on the scape from these lofty heights. I so totally hope that the next age bears some relative semblance to the elegance and grace of which I glide in these dreams.

Goodbye, piece of history

July 8, 2010 Remember the TV commercial where a bunch of cowpokes are sitting around a campfire eating when one of them, apparently unsatisfied with the salsa, asked where that salsa was made.One cowboy turned the bottle over to read the label and replied, “New York City.”“New York City!?!” the others exclaimed, finding it absurd that anyone in New York City would even try to make Western salsa.That’s also the reaction local resident Kathy Schutz had to Roy Rogers’ and Dale Evans’ personal memorabilia being sold at auction in “New York City!?!”

Standing tall above the rest

July 7, 2010 If you read the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, you may have seen the story last week about Bass Pro Shops and the city signing a 55-year lease agreement to transform The Pyramid into a “retail, entertainment and tourism destination.”

Marriage plays role

July 7, 2010 Ah, July, the wedding season. What a great time of the year to NOT marry.So suggest Jessica Bennett and Jesse Ellison in the June 11 edition of Newsweek magazine.The two young, urban women write that marriage no longer makes sense — they cite an anthropologist who says humans are wired for a series of relationships over time.They say that, thanks to the feminist movement, women no longer need husbands for financial security.

What? No makeup

July 6, 2010 You’ve heard of casual Fridays, but what about Makeup Free Mondays?For many, including myself (99.9 percent of the time), the thought of being in public makeup-less is nothing more than a worst nightmare. As a society many girls grow up believing that makeup equals beauty, or that a woman should never leave the house without first putting on her face. And while I’m sure not every girl grows up believing this, I believe more do than not.I did.

Degrees of integrity

July 6, 2010 Upon the occasion of driving the Cherokee Turnpike, at 75 mph, on the way to Tulsa the other day, I got to thinking about a wallet I found a few weeks ago. We were going to the smoke shop over in Siloam Springs to find some cigars for James to celebrate the birth of the twins. There on the road I opened the door and scooped up a long leather billfold and instantly thought “biker.” It just fit the profile, you see.

CLC’s treatment doesn’t pass smell test

July 2, 2010 When the U.S. Supreme Court decided Christian Legal Society v. Martinez on June 28, was it a victory for nondiscrimination, as one side claims — or an example of religious discrimination, as the other side argues? “Discrimination,” it seems, is in the eyes of the beholder.In this case, the eyes that count belong to the five justices who sided with the University of California Hastings College of the Law, ruling that requiring recognized student groups to accept any student as a member or leader, dubbed the “all-comers” policy, is “a reasonable, viewpoint neutral condition.”

Summer of discontent

July 2, 2010 President Obama has had a rather challenging start to the Summer of 2010: Gen. McChrystal’s remarks to Rolling Stone magazine and the resulting shift of NATO control in Afghanistan to Gen. Petraeus; the continuation of the high-profile and painful BP oil spill; the Elena Kagan Supreme Court nomination hearings; and the move by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to enact strict immigration control policies within her overwhelmed state.

Cushman Miner’s Day moved to Oct. 8

July 1, 2010 Dear Editor, Every year you normally do an article regarding Cushman Miner’s Day and we were hoping to change a few things this year. Number one is the date. Due to extreme heat and lack of any air-conditioned facilities, the 19th Annual Cushman Miner’s Day’s celebration will be moved to October 9th, 2010 and continue to be in the month of October as long as the annual event occurs.We feel like our performers, vendors, children and visitors will be a lot more comfortable and feel more like participating in the parade and activities scheduled throughout the day.

Secure Arkansas petitions circulating

July 1, 2010 Dear editor:I was approached by a man today asking me to sign a petition for Secure Arkansas. He rattled off a list of things that illegals are doing, and this organization wants to put a stop to it. One being collecting food stamps, another that they are getting drunk and running over our kids and killing them.