‘Force’ lesson

August 11, 2010 Young people gained a valuable lesson in democracy with the recent tax vote. Let us hope they recognize it.Will Durant, probably America’s greatest historian of all time, points out that the biggest weakness in democracy is that only the wealthy have time for politics. And they tend to protect their own interests.

Proposition 8 is ongoing topic

August 11, 2010 Just when you thought we were settling in for another typical, slow August news month, along comes Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker to overturn California’s Proposition 8. The one that banned same-sex marriages. Did you get that? He overturned the ban. Loosed the bonds. Broke the chains. Raised a rainbow flag. And reopened a can of worms the size of the Louisiana Purchase.

Rising prices

August 11, 2010 Am I the only old dope who enjoys hanging out in the toy department with his kids? The uncontainable excitement is akin to a sort of hyper-stimulation, which seems the natural result of being both surrounded by tons of toys and filled with an unlimited imagination.

Linking up with the boys

August 10, 2010 Lesson One: Always drop in the shade.When my young, athletic son called me on Friday morning to ask if I wanted to be the “fourth” early Saturday morning I gave him pretty much the same answer I always do. “Why don’t you call Uncle Beeper.  If he can’t make it, I’ll do it.”

Summer flying by

August 10, 2010 This summer seems to be flying by, with the fair and water carnival already behind us. The watermelon festival is this weekend, and the next thing you know we’ll be seeing school buses each morning. But what I am most eager to get over and done with is probably today’s special election. The city has had one other special election in recent years, a tax for the wastewater treatment plant upgrades, and it passed by a 90+ percent vote. So really, there wasn’t much controversy there.


August 9, 2010 Waiting for a gallon of cold sweet tea to steep is tough when you’re young, especially when you’re dying of thirst.Of course, when you’re young, everything seems to take forever and you just think you’re dying of thirst.For a Yankee, my mama has always known her way around a few tea bags, sugar, a gallon jug and a large wooden spoon when it comes to fixing some Southern sweet tea, but for it to taste real good and sweet, it takes some time, something I first learned many years ago, glass in hand — salivating.

Gov looks at weak spots

August 9, 2010 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Flush with cash and leading in the polls, Gov. Mike Beebe is trying to shore up two potential weak spots in his re-election bid. In other words, he doesn’t want to go down as a governor who let park fees rise and couldn’t keep track of the state’s cars.Beebe’s recent decisions to ask parks officials to halt a planned increase in lodging and camp fees and to order a review of the state’s vehicles show he’s leaving nothing to chance in his re-election bid.

Arizona law, politics

August 6, 2010 I formerly thought that the primary qualification necessary for serving in President Obama’s Cabinet was a refusal to pay taxes. Treasury Secretary Geithner — the most notorious of a string of tax scoundrels — cheated on his income taxes for four consecutive years.It now appears that there is an equally important criterion for Cabinet positions — an inability or refusal to read the law, especially if that law concerns the relevant Department, and especially if the Cabinet member criticizes the law.

Raising Louie

August 6, 2010 My son, Louie, who is 22 years old, has learned how to cook. The DNA scramble for knowing your way around the kitchen has to be a throwback by a few generations. The Carr women are very talented at a lot of things but cooking is not generally one of them. The Carr men didn’t tend to ever enter the kitchen.

Enough with the cards

August 5, 2010 Dear President Obama:I’m writing to wish you many happy returns on your 49th birthday and also to explain why I declined to add my name to the card that Mrs. Obama asked me and several million of your closest admirers to sign.Michelle’s request came in an e-mail from the Organizing for America campaign unit, and it mentioned the health care and Wall Street reform measures as two reasons why this has been a “hectic” year for you. I’ll say.