July 16, 2010 To the Editor:I will make this short and to the point. I have seen the program on the new proposed recreational complex and am totally in favor of this facility for Batesville.I have lived in Arkansas and in Evening Shade for over forty years.In answer to those who wrote opposing the proposed complex, I have been paying your TAXES in Batesville and will continue to pay taxes every time I shop in Batesville.This TAX will be paid by everybody that visits Batesville and EATS or SHOPS in Batesville.


July 16, 2010 Dear editor:I have watched and listened to the debates and the attempts to sell us the new recreational complex with a great amount of interest. Mainly my interest is because this thing will cost me money. So far what I have learned is the fact that they want me to go to the car lot, be given a long-term note I have to pay and they will show me what kind of car, the color and options, and where it is later.

Court sides with student

July 16, 2010 After a yearlong legal battle, Adriel Arocha has finally won the right to attend public school wearing his hair in traditional braids — a practice his family believes is essential for expressing their faith as members of the Liban Apache tribe.Last week, a federal appeals court ruled that a Texas school district violated the then-kindergartner’s religious-freedom rights in 2008 when it refused to exempt him from the district’s dress code requiring boys to wear short hair.

Job is finished

July 15, 2010 Dear editor:As a person who has driven Harrison Street daily to go to work at the Community School in Quail Valley, I would like to express my thoughts on the work of White River Materials, Atlas Asphalt and the Arkansas Highway Department.The workers, who have been out in all kinds of weather, were always polite as they guided people through the positioned barricades.I know it’s been a long two years for all, but sure has been worth it for our good ride now!“So Long” to the workers, the big machinery, the barrels and the cones!Thank you.Elaine Sweet

Draft idea

July 15, 2010 Dear editor:What if we had a Congressional draft? Not a military draft, but a draft like the NBA or NFL. Districts that suck, like crummy sports teams, get first pick. The draft supposedly brings equity to the teams. Here in the first district we could use a little equity. After the last 20 years, we deserve the King James of Congress to represent us.Looking at the data from the last full session of Congress, the Heartland Institute on Poverty found the first district of Arkansas has the highest child poverty rate in the state.

Land bridge from Scandinavia?

July 15, 2010 In November of 1963 the crew of a fishing boat near the southern coast of Iceland saw a billowing black cloud about 200 feet tall bursting from the cold ocean water.The captain radioed a report and within three hours scientists, journalists and sightseers began arriving.By the time the crowd started gathering, the plume of black was 12,000 feet high and about every half-minute explosions at its base sent ash, dust and chunks of superheated rock flying 500 feet or so into the air.

Not right, left issue

July 14, 2010 Americans hate taxes. It’s not a right or left issue. It’s not a Democratic or Republican issue. It’s not an old or young issue. It’s strangely not even a rich or poor issue. It’s an American issue. It’s our biggest peeve. We all agree on some level: Our country is great, but we feel very cranky about forking over our money to the government.This is an odd character trait in Americans. For example, we happily pay for cable even though television is free — we clearly have no problem signing up for more bills.

Center needed

July 14, 2010 Batesville is more than ready for a community center.When my family moved here over 10 years ago, our real estate agent asked us if we had been to Wal-Mart.  When I answered no she said that it was the social hub of the city and we just had to go!  Such a sad state of affairs when all we have to look forward to is a trip to Wal-Mart!

Additional info

July 14, 2010 Mr. Stroud’s article “No action taken on proposal” by the Sharp County Quorum Court is  incomplete.  Did  Mr. Stroud  fail to read attorney Whitmore’s Interoffice memorandum that was reported as the reason the Court voted 9-0 to take no action?  Nowhere in Whitmore’s memo did he recommend Sharp County not adopt Newton County’s existing ordinance. It was not Whitmore’s memo that caused the court to take no action.  Here are the facts:

Soon to be memory

July 14, 2010 Ode to an Orange Barrel The time has come to say goodbyeTo the orange traffic barrel,Gracing our highway long enoughTo avoid a traffic peril.The asphalt’s down, the lines are drawn,All set for a bounty of cars.But late-night drives will cease to showMany oversized orange stars.Harrison Street is almost doneTo all of our many pleasures.But Batesville will most surely missThose bright orange, sparkling treasures.Two lanes flow in each direction,