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  • Fat girl, healthy girl

    What a year it has been. My Weight Watchers “baby,” Miss Una Moore, is now at 80 pounds and a year old. Yes, I followed the program for a whole year now.

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    In response to Rick Baber’s “With Us Or Against Us”:

    He asked why it was ok to talk about Clinton but not about Bush. Maybe it’s because Mr. Baber is comparing apples and oranges.

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  • Not sooner, but later

    LITTLE ROCK (AP) – Veteran Legislature watchers kept expecting things to work out.

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  • Morgans at Gastons

    A major branch of the far-flung Morgan family will hold a second reunion in Arkansas very soon.

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  • When symbols threaten

    When legislators and policymakers try to justify limits on free expression, they often turn to a familiar phrase: “After all, you can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.”

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  • Power of forgiveness

    Would you pause with me here on this Good Friday, just for the moments it’ll take to read two stories, and ponder what this day has made possible for us Christians?

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  • With us or against us

    The cowboy’s name was “Jingo”

    And he knew that there was trouble

    So in a blaze of glory

    He rode out of the west

    No one was ever certain

    What it was that he was sayin’

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  • Media going too far

    The most riveting live news coverage of the war with Iraq was, for me, between midnight and 2 a.m.

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  • More and more yellow

    I live in a small town not unlike Batesville (Jeffersonville, Ind.,). Last week I found some small yellow ribbon and asked my teen-age son to help tie small bows around the trees in our yard.

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  • Bathroom etiquette 101

    I probably should have been a truck driver because I’m one of those people who can travel across three states without having to make a pit stop.

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  • Teacher remembered

    Most of us remember our favorite teachers. There are several at Cord-Charlotte I wish everyone would be fortunate to have in school, but that is simply not possible.

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  • Stalled bills move

    LITTLE ROCK – In a pair of dramatic votes, important bills that had been stalled for weeks in committee were voted out by legislators.

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