Forlorn in Forsyth

June 21, 2011 Even when we are desperate to know the truth, we may never really be prepared if/when it does finally come along and slap us upside the head. (Right, Tom Cruise? You weren’t prepared for what Jack Nicholson had to say.)And when everyone around you knows the truth but would rather pat you on the head and send you on your way, that makes it especially difficult. So in that respect I found myself identifying with the main character in “Winter’s Bone,” which Gary and I watched over the weekend.

Writer ‘insulted’

June 20, 2011 Dear Editor,I am insulted by the condescending and arrogant statements from the White House!A combination of a president who has no real management experience, who in turn appointed academics and bureaucrats who specialize on theories and not much else, is a lethal economic combination.  The question is, did Obama knowingly surround himself with incompetents?

Chump change Is extreme saving necessary?

June 20, 2011 Going to town when I was a youngster was a once-a-month occurrence that usually included monthly (yes I said, monthly) grocery shopping at Walmart in Batesville.My mama knew how to stretch a dollar better than anyone I knew and comparison shopped before it was ever cool or popular.I’ll never forget the weekly store advertisements and Mom’s yellow notepad which included the products she needed, where they could be found in the ads and for how much.

Media scrutiny of Palin unbalanced

June 20, 2011 The current feeding frenzy over Sarah Palin’s emails is a case in point that the radical left will do anything in its ability to destroy that which they fear most. The media’s rush to Juneau shows us that “mainstream media” is not mainstream at all, but rather an extension of the far left — an American Pravda of sorts.

Letter to the Editor – Say thanks

June 17, 2011 Dear editor:Have you hugged your fireman today? They really are unsung heroes. Whom do you see running into dangers when most others are running out? As a wife of a retired former volunteer and later full-time fireman, I can attest to some of the sacrifices these people make for their communities.Some may think the full-time paid firemen make up the bulk of the fire departments; but the partial-paid, or in most rural departments, non-paid men are an integral part of the teams also.

Freeing up prison space

June 17, 2011 LITTLE ROCK  — State prisons have taken steps to free up space and relieve the backlog of inmates in county jails.

Prayer call doesn’t foster unity

June 17, 2011 With Texas Gov. Rick Perry poised to run for president, it may be a good time to ask what his recent call for a “day of fasting and prayer” tells us about how he would govern the nation.Unlike past “prayer proclamations” by elected officials — a staple of political life for much of our history — Perry’s prayer plan includes an evangelical Christian revival meeting to be held in a Houston stadium on Aug. 6.

Should college athletes be paid?

June 16, 2011 Steve Spurrier, head football coach of the University of South Carolina, has said he would be willing to pay 70 players a $300 per game stipend out of his own pocket. The Pay College Athletes Association wants to establish a fund paid into by fans and companies seeking endorsers. New National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) President Mark Emmert is wrestling with booster demands for using part of TV revenues to provide expense money for athletes.

Blue Ribbon dads

June 16, 2011 My father worked hard to support six children — to send us to private school, contribute to our college costs and pay for all five of his daughters’ weddings.I wouldn’t know it for many years, but our neighbor worked three jobs much of his adult life; he wouldn’t buy his first new car until he retired.The model for moms and dads was simple then — a difficult, rigid model in many ways.

We get the media we want

June 16, 2011 “The media” is our favorite whipping boy. It’s shallow, petty and often stupid. It misses points, focuses on the wrong things, and completely ignores the bigger issues. It’s prone to obsess on trivial rivalries and scandals instead of thoughtful substantive discussions about things which affect us most.Essentially, the media is a mirror of us.