Common’s ‘poetry’ not common

May 18, 2011 The first motion picture to be shown in the White House was D.W. Griffith’s “A Birth of a Nation.” Progressive Democrat (yes, I wrote Democrat) president Woodrow Wilson showed the highly controversial silent film that was later used as a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) recruiting tool portraying KKK Klansmen as superheroes rescuing white women from uneducated sexually aggressive African-American men. This Democrat president used the valuable tool of entertainment to communicate an extraordinarily bad message.Times have changed, but the method has not.

Power, love and a haircut

May 18, 2011 My son Joshua bucked me like a wild bronco for years after he was born every time I went to cut his hair. You’ve never seen a kid throw such a ruckus over a simple buzz cut. He just doesn’t like ’em.My friends at church were no help. They’d rag me to no end every time Josh would come in looking like a punk rocker that’d lost his fight with a demon possessed Flow-Bee. “Did you do that?” they’d accuse. A standard volley of ‘weed eater’ jokes would always ensue.

How sleep deprivation ruins your relationships

May 18, 2011 Think you’re doing your employer or family a favor by giving up on sleep to get more done?You’re wrong.We may tell ourselves that we’re sacrificing sleep for the benefit of others, but the data says otherwise. Studies show that when you’re exhausted you’re less empathetic, quicker to anger, less emotionally engaged, and — there really is no dressing this one up — more self-absorbed.Think about it, how focused can you be if you’re dead-dog tired?

Is 2012 the year of the good-looking?

May 17, 2011 During a recent conversation with a friend I was reminded that Mitt Romney and President Obama have more in common than their appreciation of universal health care.Apparently they both have plenty of female (and male) admirers as well.

‘Newt can run, can’t win’

May 17, 2011 Out of elective politics for over a decade, dithering on the sidelines like a moody Southern-fried Hamlet, Newt Gingrich jumped back into the ring announcing plans to run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. And for every analyst and every pundit and every satirist everywhere, allow me to say: Hooray! Thank you, kind sir. May I have another?

Risk of rabies

May 17, 2011 All the articles we’ve published in the Guard over the years about rabies infestations, I never really thought it would end up in my backyard. On Sunday, that’s just what happened. At least, that’s what we believe.

Final thoughts on bin Laden

May 16, 2011 Last week, President Obama fulfilled a campaign promise and killed Osama bin Laden. Well he didn’t actually do the killing himself. It was carried out by a very brave and excellent team of Navy SEALs. Not only does Mr. Obama have the overwhelming support of the country, I think there are millions who gladly wish it could have been their finger on the gun that took out bin Laden.When I heard the news a week ago Sunday, I immediately felt great. I felt relief. I thought of those who lost a loved one on 9/11. And I was glad we finally had a president who got something done.

Republicans jockey in starting gates

May 16, 2011 It has been a busy week in presidential politics. With Barack Obama gaining only a minimal boost from the slaying of Osama bin Laden, it is now obvious to Republicans considering a run that he is vulnerable.Republicans have a crowded field, but an impressive group of candidates. Here is our ranking of their prospects and the latest news.We believe that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee would have been the odds on favorite to win the Republican nomination. Huckabee announced over the weekend he would not run.

No more chocolate milk at school?

May 16, 2011 Between white or chocolate, I take chocolate.Now it looks as some schoolchildren in some states won’t have a choice.Because of its sugar content many claim chocolate milk will do nothing to help rid of the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic and some school districts have gone as far as prohibiting flavored milk and Florida considered a statewide ban in schools, according to a recent article by The Associated Press.

Trying to stifle student reporting just won’t work

May 13, 2011 Wanna keep a secret? Betcha can’t — particularly when it involves an arrest and later the resignation of a local teacher.But when allegations of improper conduct involving a teacher are involved, principals still keep trying to stifle the news through the heavy-handed — and futile — method of censoring the school publication.