Happy Halloween

October 27, 2010 It can be difficult to celebrate Halloween in an urban setting unless you’re into getting dressed up and heading out to the parties. I didn’t really like that route in my 20s and now that I’m 51 it’s even less appealing. Someone has even posted a link on Facebook for sexy Ninja Turtle costumes for adults and there are sexy miner costumers for sale. Snooki and the Situation are the hottest sellers this year.That’s a funny joke for less than 30 seconds and then there’s an entire evening to get through.

Forgive us our debts

October 26, 2010 If you need any more proof that “trickle down economics” doesn’t work for the little guy, just look back a little ways to the bailouts of the banks and auto industries. How’d that work our for you? I mean, if you weren’t a bank or an auto company. Tried to borrow any money lately?

Branson/Springfield: Weekend tricks, treats

October 26, 2010 My mission last weekend was to get a little Christmas shopping done in Branson while we were there for The Front Men show.The concert was great, of course, but overall the shopping mission was a bust — I barely made a dent in it. Well, except for myself and Gary. We each picked out a couple things for the other to give, and I did get a present for one other family member, but the good intentions I had somehow got waylaid.

Vote ‘For the people’

October 25, 2010 Dear Editor:Many conservative Democrats have admitted they do not support the Obama Administration policies. However, those sameDemocrats continue to support candidates who do support the Obama Administration and its socialistic policies. Remember that the Democratic Party of today is not your father’s or your grandfather’s Democratic Party. Progressivism and socialism now control today’s Democratic Party, which in time will take us down the road to serfdom.

Unhappy coach

October 25, 2010 I read the article “City facing budget cuts” this past Thursday with some concern.  I believe this reference was to City Clerk Denise Johnston, speaking of the North Complex swimming pool:“Johnston said the Independence County Youth Athletic Association uses North for swim meets, as well as practice, and the organization is not charged. ‘We lose money because we have to close (the pool for ICYAA).” (Guard, Oct. 21, p.6)

‘Tax grabbing’

October 25, 2010 Dear editor:At a recent regular meeting the Independence Quorum Court approved guidelines to be followed by organizations who apply for a grant from the recreation portion of the county one-cent sales tax. One of the provisions of the guidelines causes a great sense of disagreement from this voter and taxpayer. The provision reads:“Requests from School Districts will be considered, if funds are available, and will be equally divided among those school districts based on A.D.M.”

‘Boo’tiful memories

October 25, 2010 Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. If you don’t I don’t care, you can smell my underwear.I’m sure Gary, my older brother, got a kick out of teaching me this little Halloween limerick and I’m sure he got an even bigger kick when I repeated it (much to mom’s dismay) on the front steps of that little old lady’s house in El Dorado that Halloween of 1986 or ’87.It’s a memory I still laugh about more than 20 years later and I as get older I realize, for whatever reason, that many of my fondest childhood memories involve Halloween.

The incredible shrinking women

October 22, 2010 If you happen to mention the name Hillary Clinton to my grandmother, she’ll pause, lock her jaw and declare, “That woman ... ambitious.” That’s all she has to say about Clinton because, after all, Granny’s polite. Also, the first female Speaker of the House’s name is akin to a curse word – something you say when you stub your toe. “Ah! #*&% Pelosi!”But if you think Grandma is a Sarah Palin fan, think again. Once, I asked her about Palin — she faked a hearing-aid malfunction.Even so, think of where women were when my grandmother was born:

Respect due

October 22, 2010 Dear editor:The county clerk has a long-standing history as a public servant to our fair community and its good citizens.Work record, job performance, conduct all reflect honesty, fairness, integrity.To magnify the oversight, error in mishandling the county judge’s budget as illegal is extreme, and casts aspersions on character. In the past, amidst unpleasant gossip flying, this person was heard to uphold, laud, even commend the county judge’s actions.There was, I believe, no personal or professional intent of insult, slight or offense.

A letter to the editor

October 21, 2010 Dear editor:As I sat in Independence Hall on the UACCB campus the other day, I was reminded of how close the residents of Independence County came to being denied this important resource. Recently within a 24-hour period, it hosted an internationally known recording artist in concert and a presentation by a former U.S. President.