More on RFID

August 9, 2011 Dear editor:This note is not intended to be legal, political or theological. It is simply an attempt to clear some misconceptions that were mentioned in a recent letter to the editor concerning the Affordable Care Act of 2010. I am concerned that some will be frightened by the allegations mentioned in the letter which are simply not true. One should have the religious belief of their choice. However, when making decisions on the issues of their health care, it should be based on accurate information.

Info is ‘bogus’

August 9, 2011 Dear editor:The other day, you published a letter from someone declaring that in 36 months, according to “Obamacare” we would all be running around with RFID chips implanted in our bodies carrying all kinds of personal information. This tweaked my interest because I wouldn’t put anything like this past the present office holder. I suspected somebody was writing to see his name in print, so, I wrote to our Congressman, Senator Boozeman, and received this reply:Dear Mr. Jones:

Lady Justice, open your eyes

August 9, 2011 Should Justitia remove her blindfold?Named after the Roman goddess, we know her better as Lady Justice: guardian of our courts. The scales she holds remind us to weigh evidence with care; her sword indicates that punishment must fit the crime. And her blindfold connotes ... well, what?It’s generally accepted that the blindfold represents impartiality. Our system of justice, in theory at least, treats everyone equally and each situation fairly.

Carnival over, thank goodness

August 9, 2011 I am so glad this past week is behind us. The week of the White River Water Carnival is always hectic — so much so that the Guard staff is usually dragging into work on the Monday morning afterwards — but this year was especially so since my dad and stepmom had flown out to California, leaving two of my dad’s kids (me being one, of course, since I live just next door) splitting the duties of collecting mail, feeding animals, watering flowers, etc. You know the drill. As it happened, my and Gary’s day fell on trash day, so we got an extra duty in there ... oh, well.

A tangible reflection of God’s love

August 9, 2011 I went out on a hot date the other night, and boy was my wife Angie jealous. I hated leaving her out in the cold like that, but there’s just been a stirring in my soul lately. Sometimes a man has got to do what a man’s got to do!

Call for troops: Arkansas’ quota

August 8, 2011 One hundred and fifty years ago, the president of the Confederate States of America issued a call for troops for the purpose of organizing a reserve army corps. Arkansas’ quota for new recruits was 3,000 men whose term of enlistment would be for the duration of the war, “Authorizing him (Arkansas Gov. Henry Massie Rector) to receive the said number, by independent companies, and to establish camps of instruction at suitable and accessible points.”

Ledge update

August 8, 2011 LITTLE ROCK — The State Hospital has agreed to a far-reaching improvement plan that will keep federal funding of the facility intact for the next year.The hospital is a psychiatric facility in Little Rock with 236 beds for people with mental illnesses so severe that they need to be placed in an institution. It is operated by the state Department of Human Services, which also operates 13 community mental health centers across the state for thousands of Arkansans who require psychiatric care.

Hemingway, Mom and me

August 8, 2011 It’s hard to imagine that Ernest Hemingway, the author, ever had anything to do with Arkansas. But then he met second wife Pauline while still married to his first wife and all that changed. Pauline Pfeiffer-Hemingway was the daughter of Paul and Mary Pfeiffer. Paul, who along with two brothers, established the St. Louis-based Pfeiffer Pharmaceuticals, took a shine to Piggott during a visit and in 1902 acquired his first piece of land there.

PSA levels

August 5, 2011 Dear editor:Men, if you are going in for a prostate exam be sure you don’t let your doctor do a rectal exam before you have your blood work done as this will cause your PSA levels to SHOOT UP. That is what happened to me 2 years in a row, this year and last year.

Coming back from adversity

August 5, 2011 There may be a time in your life, perhaps more than one, when you hit bottom. It may feel as if your situation can’t get any worse. There may be one event that stresses you out or a cumulative series of circumstances.Regardless of the cause, if you hit bottom you can bounce back. But you have to believe you can and you have to want to. Although this appears to be obvious, there are people who don’t think it’s possible to get back up or do not have the drive to do so.