Giving others ‘extra innings’ on life

September 30, 2011 “Watching guys spit in the dugouts is not exactly a great thing to watch.”Those understated words are the opinion of Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, who hopes to see a ban on smokeless tobacco in the next MLB contract. This is partly an image thing but mostly an effort to end the cycle of players tacitly glamorizing tobacco for the impressionable youngsters who idolize them. (The Centers for Disease Control report that in 2009, 15 percent of high school boys used smokeless tobacco — up more than one-third since 2003).


September 30, 2011 My boyfriend has been sick. He complained of nausea, loss of appetite and feeling very weak. After the second day of missing work, he went to the doctor. He is like most men, hates going but apparently he couldn’t take it anymore. He was diagnosed with having a stomach virus.Great. Now me and my daughter have something to look forward to. I rarely get sick so I wasn’t worried abut me, it was my child. This sweet, little, innocent girl didn’t deserve to be sick and I prayed she wouldn’t get it.

What happens in Washington, doesn’t stay in Washington

September 29, 2011 There’s an old curse that begs, “O that mine enemy would write a book.” That’s a desire getting a big play in the debates between Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who are both trashing my Dad Ronald Reagan’s so-called “11th Commandment,” that Republicans must refrain from attacking each other in public.Like just about everybody else I’m being wearied by both Romney and Perry citing passages from each other’s books to prove a point. All they do is prove that they can read and write. We need more than that in a president.

Going postal over mail service

September 29, 2011 The United States Postal Service is so broke, according to a USPS official who spoke Tuesday during a public hearing, that it may be unable to meet its payroll next month.Many things are to blame, and it was correctly pointed out that many people now pay their bills electronically rather than mailing checks and that email and text messages are used for written communication.

Forced charity only creates animosity

September 28, 2011 Some of my fondest childhood memories include times when my father and I served meals to those in need at our town’s local Rescue Mission. Coming from humble beginnings as the daughter of a hard-working blue-collar worker, helping the homeless, sick, hungry, abused, and addicted taught me there would always be someone a little less fortunate than I out there who was in need of a helping hand.

Under the influence of life

September 28, 2011 If those walls could talk.After all, they held lots of secrets, told many a lie, and were responsible for impromptu life changes.But in addition to the reality of all that, we had the time of our lives when we gathered at the Carriage Room, which was the local watering hole.So, when I heard Hillhigh Resort and Spa in Horseshoe Bend was purchased by an area businessman, I was happy. It just didn’t seem right to hand over our “skeletons” to just anyone.

Not just taken in

September 28, 2011 After waging a relentless campaign of intense psychological warfare, I was somehow able to weasel my way aboard for my cousin Derek’s family vacation to Six Flags back in the early 70s.I like to think it was my Eddie Haskell-like charm, but some believe I simply frazzled my uncle’s nerves until he could no longer make a sound judgment.

Ledge update

September 27, 2011 LITTLE ROCK ­­— Legislative leaders have asked for an audit of questionable unemployment checks being sent from the state Workforce Services Department.According to a federal report issued by the U.S. Labor Department, the state agency has mistakenly paid out more than $161 million in unemployment insurance since July of 2008..

Photos then and now

September 27, 2011 Maybe it was different with you, but when I look back through the stacks of old albums up there on that high shelf in the bedroom closet for pictures of myself when I was young and pretty, here’s what I find:

Positive thinking: Like ‘crack’

September 27, 2011 Positive thinking is kind of like crack. Once you become addicted to it, you can’t get enough.  Before you know it, it’s become a daily habit and you’re trying to push it on all your friends.But for many, positive thinking is just too wild and crazy for them to dive in head first.                I’ve identified two easier interim steps to pull you out of the abyss and give you the fortitude to deal with difficult situations and people.