Wrestling memories abound

October 10, 2011 With more than a dozen wrestlers in town this past weekend for Rocktoberfest in Batesville, I couldn’t help think back to my childhood and love for what was then the World Wrestling Federation.That was before it became the World Wrestling Entertainment for all you youngsters who might read this.A child of 1980s and early ’90s, I loved a wrestler named Sting. He’s reappeared on the scene in recent years, but not as how I remember him.

Military units forming in Arkansas

October 10, 2011 One hundred and fifty years ago, military units were forming all over the South; Arkansas was definitely no exception. One of the units organized early in the war was the 2nd Arkansas Battalion. This unit is perhaps one of the least known and surely one of the most underestimated group of guys to see military service from Arkansas. The Second Arkansas Battalion was one of only three units from Arkansas to see military service in the Eastern Theater as far away as Virginia; the other two were the 1st Arkansas and the 3rd Arkansas Volunteer Infantry Regiments.

Amanda Knox: A cautionary tale

October 7, 2011 From now on, parents who plan to send their children abroad to study in a foreign nation should sit them down in front of the TV set and watch replays of the Amanda Knox saga. It has all the elements of a true-to-life lesson in the dangers of turning young men and women barely out of their teens into innocents abroad.

Halloween brings special memories

October 7, 2011 Halloween is just around the corner and I can’t help remember how it was one of the best holidays for me and my siblings. Candy was not everywhere back then and you were not allowed to have it all the time. Teachers didn’t give it to students for good grades — we had to make good grades for nothing. We didn’t get it every time we went to the store. Shoot! Most of the time, we didn’t even get to go in the store.

Good enough?

October 7, 2011 Dear Editor:“Are you good without God? Millions are.” This is a question that is posted on Central Arkansas Transit Authority buses as reported in the Batesville Daily Guard on Oct. 5, 2011. This is an excellent question! I am glad that people will be asked to consider if they are good without God. While considering that question, my hope is that another question will be raised in their mind. That question is, “Is being good, good enough?”

‘Dixie’ aids in Arkansawyers’ patriotism

October 6, 2011 Following the implementation of the recently created Soldiers Aid Society last week, 150 years ago,  Arkansasawyers were not lacking in patriotism for their new country.  Central Arkansas erupted into fundraising, patriotic speeches, and songwriting.Though by the end of the Civil War there were countless renditions of the song “Dixie,” October 1861 witnessed the first widespread evidence of an evolving song that would become known as the unofficial anthem for the Confederate South.

Would we still love Lucy in the digital age?

October 6, 2011 The landmark television program “I Love Lucy” celebrates its 60th anniversary on Oct. 15, and I hope the digital age doesn’t make a catastrophe of the show’s legacy.With the permission of actors’ estates, Hollywood now has the ability to create new performances with digital images of long-dead stars (remember the Coors Lite commercial starring the late John Wayne?), but I would emit a Lucy Ricardo-like wail if someone attempted a remake of “I Love Lucy.”

Sharp, LawCo museums celebrate area history

October 6, 2011 Editor’s note: This is the fifth in a series about museums in the Ozark Gateway Region.With the Ozark Gateway Region dating back to the 1700s, it’s not surprising it is also home to a number of outstanding museums that keep that history alive with exhibits, guest speakers, workshops and educational programs. We hope you will visit these museums. 

Postal thoughts

October 5, 2011 I’m just an old ladyWho lives in a shoeWithout a post officeI don’t know what I’d doI live on a hillAnd without a mateGetting to the mailboxI’d always be too lateWithout a post officeIt’s gonna be no betterThere would be no oneThere to stamp my letterAlice Weatherfordage 91

Accountability helps

October 5, 2011 Dear editor:There are over 319 non-profit organizations (NPOs) in Independence County that are also registered with the Arkansas Secretary of State as non-profit corporations (NPCs). They cross a wide range of interests such as churches, social and service clubs, volunteer fire and police entities and a host of others. Thousands of citizens within the range of your readership are members of NPOs and NPCs. Many who may not be voting members of an NPO or NPC make regular financial contributions to help support these organizations.