Royal excitement

November 22, 2010 Don’t tell anyone, but when I was about 13 years old I dreamed I would be the girl who would capture the heart of England’s Prince William, the eldest son of Prince Charles and Diana Windsor. Long before the Internet, I was lucky to have the complete Encyclopedia Britannica collection while growing up and it was there I first learned of William and our tiny two-year age difference. I’d daydream about how neat it would be to meet the royal prince and be the one he would choose as his wife.Me, a commoner.

Thanksgiving holidays of yore

November 22, 2010 The fourth Thursday of November is definitely the bestest holiday. Food, Family, Friends and Football. Four of the five F’s. I most fondly remember the Thanksgivings of yesteryear. The big, old family reunions, which I looked forward to, until about five seconds after I hit the driveway, then it all comes back … why I left home. And they always made me sit at that stupid fold-up cardboard kids’ table. Never got to graduate to the wooden table because none of them would die. Darn medical advances.

Sharia scare

November 19, 2010 Much of the news media seemed bemused or bewildered when Sharron Angle warned of an Islamic-law takeover in America during her unsuccessful bid to unseat Sen. Harry Reid.Angle was widely ridiculed for citing Frankford, Texas (a town that no longer exists), and Dearborn, Mich. (with a large population of Arab-Americans living under American law), as examples of the imposition of Islamic or sharia law.

Baber sighting on Main

November 19, 2010 Rally on Main Street.Hey, why not? Rallies are the rage. Just stick that title on your next multi-level marketing meeting flyer and maybe, this time, somebody will show up.OK. It ain’t exactly a rally, in the classical sense. More like a BOOK SIGNING for my new novel, “Purity.” It’ll be Saturday from noon until 2 p.m. at the Paper Chase Book Store on Main Street in Batesville.

Tuition for illegal aliens

November 18, 2010 There is a very Kafkaesque feel to this week’s decision by the California Supreme Court to allow illegal aliens who graduated from state high schools to continue receiving in-state tuition at California’s public universities and colleges.So, let’s get this straight. Thousands of people in California public colleges and universities are in the state and the country illegally. They are rewarded for this with in-state tuition rates, while those in the country legally — but not California residents — pay higher rates to attend California schools. Yes, that’s definitely Kafkaesque.

Off to a good start

November 18, 2010 If Sen. Mitch McConnell’s pledge to get behind the movement to ban the cynical practice of earmark spending is any indication that Republicans heard the message voters sent them in the recent Congressional elections, the GOP is off to a good start.It’s about time. Over the years, members of Congress have acquired a lot of bad habits and the use of so-called earmarks — the Senate tacking on spending measures to bills that have already passed the House — are among the worst.

Don’t call it news

November 17, 2010 Imagine an entire 24-hour cable news network devoted to political causes. Many of their employees are future and former candidates for president, giving them a national platform to reach potential voters. Entire “movements” of political discourse are not only showcased — they’re even started on this news channel. Fundraising, the toughest part of running for political office, is made easier, streamlined by the on-air hosts of the news channel telling viewers to donate money to certain candidates. World events shaping our culture are put into perspective by the personalities.

Low-tone security

November 17, 2010 I don’t have access to any terrorist handbooks, but I imagine that having succeeded beyond expectations in the chapters dealing with “how to disrupt,” those who would threaten air travel have moved on to sections covering “ways to divide.” And the beauty, from the terrorists’ point of view, is that it’s all working without the need for much actual terrorism.When formal nationwide protests are organized against airport body scans, when passengers revolt against TSA pat-downs, when the Homeland Security chief must issue pleas for patience, the nation is definitely divided.

Upset with school

November 16, 2010 Citizens of Batesville, why didn’t the school system and board members just hang the man?Richard O’Neal has, as long as I have worked for the Batesville Schools, only done good for the school. I have been in business for 21 years, and he has always done all he can to help the school system.I’ll bet that over half of the board members, teachers and staff have borrowed items from the school for their own personal use at one time or another. If they say they haven’t, they are liars.

Thankful for doctor

November 16, 2010 This applies to all Americans. I agree medical bills are high. However, this did not happen overnight.In 1967 my son damaged his knee bad playing baseball. I was in the military and could not afford to take time to drive to the air base. No emergency room in Batesville. I called Dr. Wesley Ketz, and he said meet him in his office in 10 minutes.He sewed up his wound, protecting lubricants from leaking. He charged $11.