Why not dig, see what’s there?

March 31, 2011 Back in the 1820s or 1830s, those who found evidence of visitors to ancient America, such as inscriptions carved on stone, had no problem getting people to believe that.But along about the early 1880s — 130 years ago — that suddenly changed and a firm belief was put forth in the United States that all ancestors of American Indians walked across a now submerged Bering Strait land bridge and that North and South American Indians had absolutely no outside influences until Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492.

Why the rich don’t feel rich

March 30, 2011 Get this: Rich folks aren’t feeling very rich.Reuters reports that a Fidelity Investments survey found 42 percent of more than 1,000 Americans who have at least $1 million in assets aren’t feeling very wealthy.They say they’d need to have at least $7.5 million to feel they’re well-to-do.As ridiculous as that may sound to some, it makes perfect sense to me. There is every indication that America could enter a hyperinflationary period not unlike the 1970s.

The new church assignment

March 30, 2011  Because Dustin had been locked in his room the first 10 years of his life when he wasn’t in school, he was curious about everything. We had been taking him to church for a couple years when the leader of our congregation, whom we refer to as the Bishop, asked to speak to us. He said that Dustin was at an age when he should be given some responsibilities. In our church, when a boy turns 12, he is given the duty of sharing sacred sacraments or communion with the congregation. We expressed our concerns about Dustin’s unpredictability.

Friend was a fighter

March 30, 2011 BOSTON — We became friends long after we had known each other as candidate and journalist. Long after the grit that Geraldine Ferraro showed facing down press and politicians had been transformed into the grit she showed facing multiple myeloma.I met Gerry in 1984 when we were being teased by rumors that Fritz Mondale might actually pick “a woman” for his running mate. Maybe even this congresswoman from Queens. I watched weeks later when he introduced her to America and I heard her say, “Vice President, it has such a nice ring to it.”

No-fly guy

March 28, 2011 No one said being president was going to be easy. And no one was right. You get yelled at for doing things, and you get yelled at for not doing things. Often both times by the same people. Which is kind of like saying, “Even when you agree with us, you’re wrong.” That’s a tough hill to climb.

The ‘Layde’ of the house

March 28, 2011 She looked so sure of herself, her right arm resting on the back of the floral-print chair, wearing gold-tone jewelry with a white and fuchsia flower pinned in her hair and lips painted in crimson.For a girl who looked to be in her late teens or early 20s, she looked ahead of her time in the early 1900s.Her photograph, hanging in the foyer of the Magnolia Grove Bed and Breakfast in Hernando, Miss., intrigued me.Who was she? Was she a relative to the couple who owned the beautiful antebellum home where Luke had taken me for Valentine’s Day?

Ledge update

March 28, 2011 LITTLE ROCK —  As the Legislature approaches the final hectic days of this year’s regular session, the major issues still unresolved include the approval of state agency budgets, drawing new boundaries for the four Congressional districts in Arkansas and final passage of a highway improvement program.

Secession convention in a border state

March 25, 2011 One hundred and fifty years ago, Arkansas found herself in a precarious situation. After having spent a few weeks in heated debate at the secession convention in Little Rock, Arkansawyers decided by a narrow margin not to secede. States surrounding Arkansas had already left the United States, leaving Arkansas technically a border state.

That comic book cost how much?

March 25, 2011 Publicity for upcoming movies starring Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Mighty Thor got me started thinking about the cover prices of the comic books from which such heroes sprang.Readers in the Great Depression got a 64-page comic for one thin dime. When I was the age of my son (that is, 7) my weekly allowance was based on the 12-cent price of a 32-page comic book. As recently as 1988, the average price at the spinner rack was 75 cents.

NFL players, owners are not partners

March 25, 2011 As someone who performs his job quite well, at some point after our busy season concludes, I will sit down with my bosses and attempt to make myself a better deal. I’ll ask for more money, more time off and maybe some perks (one of those paper thin MacBooks would be nice).