Media gadflies reviled, revered

June 10, 2011 Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart is highly partisan, frequently newsworthy — and, likely depending on your political views, to be roundly admired or soundly criticized.But Breitbart is credited by all with first reporting the indiscreet tweets of Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y.  It’s the latest in a series of headline incidents involving the digital entrepreneur and his unique new-media mix of publishing, sensationalism and political advocacy.

Anthony Weiner, hypocrite

June 10, 2011 As many as 300,000 children are taken from their homes every year from neglect and abuse. In light of that, it is a blight on America even to think or to know that a member of the Congress of the United States has been sending email tweets to young women he doesn’t even know, taking advantage of them for his own apparent sexual pleasure.Anthony Weiner, you are a pervert and you should step down NOW!! Your blatant hypocrisy is never more evident than when your record as a self-proclaimed defender of youth is examined.

Rememebering legendary cattleman

June 9, 2011 It was so hot Monday that I thought of Alvis Bray.Mr. Bray — and I just cannot follow usual journalistic style and drop the “Mr.” on this one because we were always taught to call him Mr. Bray and it would seem disrespectful to do otherwise — always was so hot and tired when he came riding up to our house between Sandtown and Cushman once each summer after spending all day on horseback looking for lost cattle.To a small child like me, he was legendary — a real cowboy.

The curse of mindset

June 8, 2011 Do you ever feel unappreciated?You put in a long day, you complete all the tasks, you do the right thing by your family, yet people still complain.Why? Are they ungrateful and self-absorbed?Maybe.Or it could be the curse of mindset.Did you know that people respond more to your subconscious messages than your actual words?Scientific studies reveal that when you’re interacting with someone: 7 percent of what they respond to is your content, the words you say.

Needed — Washing machine that works

June 8, 2011 I need to buy a new washing machine. I guess I’m out of luck.I refer to a fascinating article written by Mark Thornton for Mises Daily, part of the Ludwig von Mises Institute website ( to the government, you see, washing machines aren’t what they used to be — and they’re getting worse.It wasn’t long ago — prior to World War II — that folks washed their clothes by hand or used clunky hand-cranked machines.During the postwar consumerization boom, labor-intensive clothes washing was made easy by automatic electric machines.

Telling the truth

June 8, 2011 My 14- and 15 year-old-scouts were joining the 16-and 17-year-olds for our weekly activity, and we had all gathered at the church. We were going to clean and rake some yards around our small community.Sid, the leader of the older boys, is a farmer. And as usually happens in the spring, he had far too much to do. That usually meant he would be late, and would skid into the church parking lot with the rubber on his tires still smoking.

Another way to play

June 8, 2011 Dear Editor:I read where last week a federal judge ruled that the name Jesus could not be used to close a prayer at a public school graduation ceremony in Texas. I thought about how I might end a prayer without using the name of Jesus. 

Gardening produced love

June 7, 2011 Seeing farmers markets and roadside stands in this summer heat makes me think of the long afternoons my granny Bebe used to spend out in her garden. I was always amazed at the hours and hours she spent out in even the triple-digit weather, pulling weeds, watering, picking beans, etc. She kept a pair of size 5 1/2 red vinyl shoes by the back door for working out in the yard (this was long before everyone had a pair of garden clogs) — no mess, no fuss, just like Granny.

Sister Sarah’s ride

June 7, 2011 Listen my children to an old man’s wailin’Of the cross-country ride of Sarah Palin.In two thousand eleven, ‘round the first of June;Nary a person will forget too soonHer account of history as her bus goes salin’.She said to her family, “Let’s get on the busAnd roll ‘cross the country for Liberty,Paint my name on the side so they’ll all see usHoldin’ that paper with “The people we.”Honk once if by highway, two if by netI’ll look through the window shouting “You bet!”We’ll look to the heavens and act so surprised

Signs of confusion

June 6, 2011 In an age when Twitterphiles are able to communicate deep thoughts with just 140 characters, it’s puzzling that the authors of highway signs so often struggle to make sense.Zigzagging my way from Virginia to Massachusetts I encountered numerous signs that were impossible to decipher. For instance, on I-95 near Quantico Marine Base in Virginia there’s a big sign that says: End Highway Safety Corridor. What could that possibly mean?Should drivers assume it’s now OK to drive recklessly? Do police stop enforcing safety regulations beyond that point?