Finding reasons to be thankful in October

November 3, 2011 I love October with the last of moments of summer still giving us warm days and fall slipping in with cooler nights. The drive home is always beautiful as the leaves turn from green to gold reminding me that God is the ultimate artist. This time of year is also a quiet reminder of our bountiful harvest as we look toward Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. And, as usual, I found plenty to be thankful for.

We don’t know nothing

November 2, 2011 Easier than duck fat in muffin tins to figure out why Americans are so darn freaked out and polarized these days. It’s because we’re afraid. Afraid we’ve lost our way. Afraid of not being No. 1. Afraid of what may be in store. Of all that we don’t know. Because, face it, there’s so much we don’t know. We don’t even know how much we don’t know.

Flying is OK; it’s airports I can’t stand

November 2, 2011 Recently, I needed to make a trip to visit some relatives. These days, the way the economy and gas prices are it turns out to be cheaper to fly. Even though, airlines no longer serve the delicious food of which they became famous.Several aspects about airplanes that give me cause for alarm. The person who designed the modern-day airplane must have used one of the dwarfs for a model. I’m thinking, Grumpy. The seats, for example, are not built for the average posterior. I know I need to go on a diet but my airplane seat does not have to remind me of that auspicious fact.

More agents but less secure northern borders

November 2, 2011 Somewhere out there on America’s northern borders, security patrol agents are showing up to work, grabbing a newspaper, and positioning their vehicles to gaze across one of the Great Lakes, so they can enjoy a scenic view while they work the daily crossword puzzle — on our dime.

The dead don’t come back

November 1, 2011 Letter to the editorThere has been a lot of hoodo lately about ghosts and trying to find them.Some people think that these so called ghost are dead people’s spirits inhabiting a home or whatever. If people would put as much effort into studying their Bible as they do trying to find ghost they would know that dead people don’t come back as ghosts or anything else.

Customer isn’t always right

November 1, 2011 You know the old adage “The customer is always right.”Guess what? Sometime they’re not.It doesn’t matter whether you sell cupcakes, or you’re trying to recruit members for your church, attracting (and keeping) the right customers is more important than pleasing a small group of complainers.Before you start sputtering about poor customer service, hear me out. I hate bad service as much as anyone, probably more since I’m in the business of improving it.But that doesn’t mean you need to rework your whole operational model for the people who complain.

Dogs, deer and coyotes

November 1, 2011 When the loud BOOM! punctuated my peaceful Saturday morning, I knew it was just a matter of time before I’d be seeing bones, fur and skin in my yard. Someone down at Dad’s had gotten a deer.

At 7 billion, contraception for Pollyanna

November 1, 2011 Some people think that daily global population growth of 227,000 people is a wonderful thing. For them, asking our planet to support 1.59 million more people every week is a reasonable request.Many do not. In light of alarming trends like ocean acidification, the ongoing human-caused loss of biodiversity and sky-rocketing food and commodity prices, rights-based efforts to slow down and halt population growth as soon as possible seem like better ideas. As we race past the 7 billion threshold, it’s time to talk about this issue.

Terror of a ‘headless’ horseman

October 31, 2011 The Headless Horseman once “terrorized” Strawberry on Halloween, but I bet I was only the only one who was terrified.He came to the River Valley School District, roamed the playground as all the students in kindergarten through sixth grades stood watching in awe as he rode his horse and with sword drawn.That is, everyone but me, who either hid behind my classmates and on one occasion stayed behind in the classroom to avoid the terror of the man without a head.

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2011 Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. It’s simple, to the point and involves large quantities of chocolate. Decorations and planning don’t start months in advance like Christmas and the cost of the candy won’t break my budget.