World welcomes new year with hope

January 1, 2001 LONDON (AP) - The world welcomed 2001 with exuberant cries and solemn pronouncements, putting the joys and sorrows of the past year behind and wishing out loud for a better future.

Utilities to finalize hike

January 1, 2001 The Batesville Utilities Commission will have a special meeting Wednesday at noon in the conference room at Pizza Inn, according to Jerry Jeffery, assistant to Batesville Water Utilities Manager La

Water issues top city news in 2000

January 1, 2001 The waters of the White River and the city's dependence on them touched almost every meeting of Batesville City Council this year.

Elected officials sworn

January 1, 2001 The talking and campaigning is over. It is now time for all those promises to be kept.

Millennium begins

January 1, 2001 Confused about why some are today welcoming the new millennium? Don't be.

With new year, power returning

January 1, 2001 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Lights came on in thousands more Arkansas homes and businesses as the new year began.

Flood project reassures St. Francis farmers

January 1, 2001 WEST MEMPHIS (AP) - Wedged between the St. Francis and Mississippi Rivers, farmers in Crittenden and St. Francis County plant their crops each year with a fear of flood waters.