C-Rock Museum to receive grant

September 1, 2010 CALICO ROCK — The Fred Darragh Foundation of Little Rock has awarded a $5,000 grant to the Calico Rock Museum expansion project to be provided when the foundation obtains $15,000 in new commitments to the project. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with the Fred Darragh Foundation in expanding our museum. This is a great opportunity for our community to show their support and meet this challenge,” foundation treasurer Velda Dixon said.

Jacksonport park to host activities

September 1, 2010 JACKSONPORT — Jacksonport State Park has scheduled some upcoming activities. Some charge a fee and other programs may be free. For more information, call (870) 523-2143 or e-mail donna.bentley@arkansas.gov.Activities are as follows:Friday6:30 p.m., campground — “The Life of William E. Bevens.” Bevens, a former resident of Jacksonport, will tell about his life living in Jacksonport and his experiences during the Civil War and Reconstruction.Saturday

AP Analysis: Has war in Iraq really ended for Obama, U.S.?

September 1, 2010 WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama kept a promise but took a risk in boldly declaring an end to 7½ years of war in Iraq and asserting that America had turned the page on the costly, divisive conflict.In relatively brief but politically freighted remarks from the Oval Office on Tuesday night, Obama lavished praise on America’s military men and women, saying they had “stared into the darkest of human creations — war — and helped the Iraqi people seek the light of peace.”

FACT CHECK: Is combat really over for U.S.?

September 1, 2010 EDITOR’S NOTE: “Fact Check” is an occasional look at assertions by public officials and how well they adhere to the facts.WASHINGTON — Despite President Barack Obama’s declaration Tuesday of an end to the combat mission in Iraq, combat almost certainly lies ahead.And in asserting the U.S. has met its responsibilities in Iraq, the president opened the door wide to a debate about the meaning of success in the muddle that most — but not all — American troops are leaving behind.

Life cycle, treatments for spider mites given

September 1, 2010 Spider mites are not insects. They are closely related to spiders, harvestmen (daddy longlegs) and ticks.Unlike insects, which have six legs and three body parts, spider mites have eight legs and a one-part body.Individual spider mites are almost microscopic, yet when they occur in large numbers, they can cause serious damage. Dozens of species attack shade trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.The two-spotted spider mite overwinters as an adult in the soil; the honeylocust mite overwinters as an adult in bark crevices on the trunk and branches.

Notes from world youth horse show

September 1, 2010 OKLAHOMA CITY — The four local youths who made the trip to Oklahoma for the recent 2010 American Quarter Horse Youth World Championship Horse Show at State Fair Park — Haley Sprouse, Ty Cornelius, Darrin Cannon and Madelyn Cannon — did pretty well for their first time there.Lots of good memories and hopes and dreams for next year came home with them.Haley, Darrin and Ty made it to the finals in Team Penning and finished 15th in the world. Haley and Darrin finished 17th in Ranch Sorting.Ty finished sixth in the world in the Stake Race.

Sharp County delegates attend conference

September 1, 2010 ASH FLAT — Sharp County Farm Bureau members Cole, Julie and Caleb James were among more than 245 who attended the annual Arkansas Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Conference Aug. 6-7 in Little Rock, according to a news release.Keynote speakers for the conference were Randy Veach, president of Arkansas Farm Bureau and Chris Chinn, a Missouri pork producer.

Body Walk helps kids ‘be smart from inside out’

September 1, 2010 Editor’s note: This is a series of articles for National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas children are being encouraged to look deep inside themselves — literally — with a trip through the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s Body Walk, a 30-foot by 36-foot walkthrough exhibit of the human body.With the school year under way, it’s important for children to get off to a good start by making healthy choices, said Jessica Vincent, the Body Walk program technician for the division.

Blanchard Springs offering programs looking at history

September 1, 2010 MOUNTAIN VIEW — Blanchard Springs Caverns offers summer interpretive activities at the Blanchard Springs Recreation Area with different topics highlighted each week, according to a news release.Activities include outdoor amphitheater programs presented at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays, day and/or night programs on Thursdays, and guided walks at 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays. Most programs are held at or near the amphitheater, located near the picnic area at the base of Sandfield Bluff. This week’s topic is history, and programs are: