Godframe sets benefit concert

By Donetta Hubbard, Guard Staff Writer • April 16, 2014

CHICAGO — At a time when most young men are still trying to find their way, 25-year-old Terrence Ford knows the direction for his life — to follow God.

A native of Batesville, Ford is a youth pastor at Victory Cathedral Worship Center in Chicago and a contemporary Christian artist known as Godframe. He will be in town to perform a benefit concert at 6:30 p.m. April 27 at the Ethel O. Miller Community Center, formally known as the old Miller’s Gym located at 850 Oak St. Ford will debut his new EP, “All My Friends.”

Also performing will be Larry DeJuan Jackson Jr. and Briesen Rush, also known as The Prophet. Admission is $5.

When asked about his unusual stage name, Ford said he tries to “frame” his life after God.

“I’ve dedicated my life to making people aware of who God is and how awesome he is,” Ford said. “My life is a reflection of who he is.”

Ford wants young people to know God.

“A lot of people my age are not so serious about their faith,” he said, noting that many feel they will have all their lives to get their act together. “I have to give credit to my mom.”

Ford is the son of Judith and Terry Ford and said he was raised with Christian values and was always in church. He was a freshman in college when he realized he was alone and got serious about his faith.

“Mom wasn’t there. My family wasn’t there,” he said and decided, “If I’m going to succeed in life I have to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ.”

After graduating from the University of Central Arkansas with major in music and a minor in religious studies, Ford was offered an internship at Victory Cathedral Worship Center which turned into a full-time job.

“I would not have my life any other way. It’s incredibly rewarding. I love it,” he said.

Ford said the younger generation is hungry for God.

“But not hungry for church traditions,” he said. “The students I encounter don’t care about politics. They just want to know how to get close to Christ — period.”

Ford also sees a greater rebellion and an age where anything goes.

“It’s progressing at an alarming rate,” he added. “One of the biggest battles with this generation is making this type of faith relevant to them. ... I love to have fun. Life should be enjoyed. Church should be enjoyed.”

Ford tries to reach them through his music that incorporates rap, pop and rhythm and blues.

“The message is in the music,” Ford said.

For more information about the concert contact the Ethel O. Miller Community Center at (870) 569-6774.



Terrence Ford

Terrence Ford

Terrence Ford, aka Godframe, uses music to bring young people to Christ.   (photo submitted)

Terrence Ford, aka Godframe, uses music to bring young people to Christ. (photo submitted)